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With all of the craziness going on lately, many Americans have been seemingly distracted from the upcoming election. No one really has time to worry about who our next president will be, but the election is only a few months away. Bernie Sanders recently suspended his campaign (RIP), so that means everyone’s creepy Uncle Joe Biden is most likely going to be the Democratic nominee for the presidency. Now, I say this with some humor, simply because having Joe Biden as president would be a VAST improvement to the past four years with dear Mr. Trump. 

But, why did Democrats push out good old Bernie Sanders? Maybe because the word socialism is super scary to some people, still to this day. But if you look at the numerous other countries with socialist leaders, you will find that their government does not completely sway that way. 

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Most Democrats think Biden is top-notch when it comes to a presidential candidate, and I can’t say I blame them. Biden has eight years of experience as Vice President, so that already makes him a better candidate than Trump. He has also had experience as a state senator for over 30 years, making him more than qualified in the world of politics. 

At this point, we are facing a similar situation compared to the 2016 Presidential Election. We have two candidates, one who most of the world hates, and the other who has the experience and also some dirty laundry. 

All I have to say is, do your damn research. Find credible sources and research that absolute crap out of the candidates. Please don’t be an ignorant voter, because that’s what got us here in the first place.


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