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Last Night in Soho: Buy a Ticket or Skip it?

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*Disclaimer: This article contains no spoilers! Everything mentioned can be seen in the trailer.*

As your local film nerd, the moment I heard Edgar Wright was making a horror movie, I had mentally already picked out my seat in the theater. He’s dabbled in the horror-movie genre before with his film Shaun of the Dead, but this was a comedy that had you thinking the end of the world would be kind of funny. With Last Night in Soho, I walked out brainstorming different ways to knock myself out so I wouldn’t dream of zombie hands punching their way through my floorboards. If you’re wanting to know if it’s worth the all-around trip of driving to the movies instead of watching something on Netflix from the comfort of your own couch, keep reading.

The short answer: Yes, I think it’s worth it.

The long answer: Bring a friend to hold on to, pee beforehand and don’t watch it at night.

This movie will be a lot scarier than you can prepare yourself for. A LOT scarier. My friend and I went in, knowing this was a horror movie, knowing the movie’s intention was to scare us and we still walked away shaking, at a loss for words, while gripping our half-eaten bags of popcorn. Though I’m a certified scaredy-cat, I still think the trailer downplayed the amount of anxiety and intensity the next couple of hours would be filled with. But it wasn’t a bad intensity- it was actually pretty incredible. The cinematography coupled with a complicated yet sound plot had me sucked in completely, making me urge people to see it themselves so they can be as amazed as I was.

Besides this movie shaking you to your core, it does feel… a little bit long. I checked my watch at one point thinking the movie was almost over, and it had only been an hour! Do I take into account that I have a shortened attention span because of my addiction to TikTok? Yes. Did this impact my viewing of this movie? Probably. My main spiel: prepare yourself for the long-haul with snacks, an empty bladder and a mindset that this is cinema and not a Netflix Original starring Addison Rae that won’t lose your attention because it’s so bad.

My last bit of advice when it comes to watching this movie is that if you get easily freaked out (like me), try your best not to watch it at night. This movie reels you in completely, to the point that I forgot I wasn’t in London and thought we drove on the wrong side of the street for a second. With a world that draws you in and a terrifying plot, I left the theater at 10 p.m. a little more on edge than I wished to be. If you can only see it at night, try to bring a friend along for the ride and listen to some fun music on the way home to distract you.

Though I think you totally should go out and see this movie, there are definitely some steps you should consider taking before doing so. Hopefully, this advice helps you in preparation for the movie, and I hope you enjoy the show!

Gracen is currently a sophomore at CWU studying Film Production. Some of her interests include photography, making art, watching movies, and listening to music. This is her second year writing for Her Campus.
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