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Jojo Siwa’s Fashion Evolution: Why It’s Great Now and Was Great Then

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Businesswoman. Top tier performer. Abby Lee Miller Dance School survivor. Gay icon. These are probably all things that come to mind when you hear Jojo Siwa’s name. But maybe the most recognizable aspect of Joelle Joanie Siwa’s persona is her fashion. Whether it be her trademark “Jojo Bow” (an accessory that has been sold 80 MILLION times) or her colorful outfits, Jojo is known for her fashion. But in the past few years, we have seen a steady shift from bright, dazzling ‘fits to more sophisticated looks. This is a complete timeline of Jojo Siwa’s fashion evolution.

This first outfit is for lack of better words, camp. The feathers, the massive bow, the neon blue. Everything is over the top and fun. I think that this outfit perfectly encapsulates the person that Jojo was first marketed as. A larger-than-life character who is targeted at a younger demographic. And while there is no indication that Jojo didn’t enjoy dressing this way, she did receive a lot of online for not “dressing her age.” But frankly, I think that Jojo’s persona and fashion during this time served an important message. Children are in such a hurry to grow up. But in reality, clinging onto childhood before entering adulthood was something that I and others never did. By looking up to Jojo, children don’t feel the pressure to grow up, something that I know the kids of today will be thankful for tomorrow.

One important thing to keep in mind throughout this entire Jojo Siwa fashion progression is that she does dress more casually when she is not going to award shows or concerts. I love this outfit because it is definitely something that I would put together around the age of 10. The leopard pants, the glitter vest and the glittery combat boots? She IS the tweenage gaze and I am so here for it.

This fit goes SO HARD. I swear to goodness this is something that Harry Styles would wear. The texture on the pants is so cool. It looks like crystals are growing out of it. The way that the top is a baseball, but the bottom resembles a baseball player’s plants? This is absolutely iconic. The sleeves are also very reminiscent of the Space Age in the ’60s with its elevated stars. One other thing that I love that she does here is that she doesn’t stick to a particular color scheme. She throws whatever colors she wants together to create her fashion masterpiece.

This outfit is something that I unironically would probably wear. If you remove the bow, I could see almost every teenage girl wearing it. One thing that has been consistent throughout her previous outfits that is not apparent here is sparkle. She is not giving Mirrorball by Taylor Swift but, still, she stays true to her persona with her brightly colored hoodie.

This outfit is unlike anything I had seen Jojo wear previously. While there are technically a lot of colors within the outfit, the colors are very muted. There are no sequins or glitter, and she accompanied this neutral outfit with a white hair bow. Again, it seems as if Jojo is beginning to lean more toward androgynous attire with a baggy sweatshirt and at-the-knee shorts.

In June of 2021, Jojo Siwa issued a public statement stating that she is trying to style her hair differently from her iconic tight pony and bow. In an interview with People Magazine, Jojo talks about switching up her signature hairstyle. She even said that it was easier to come out to her parents about her sexuality rather than telling them that she doesn’t want to wear bows anymore; “it surprisingly was harder to tell you that I wanted to wear my hair differently.” I think that this was when we saw the most dramatic shift in appearance.

I think another huge thing that led Jojo to begin aging up her fashion was being a contestant on dancing with the stars. Her first outfit was quite reminiscent of her past fashion with a giant bow as a sleeve and neon colors, but the outfit silhouette is much more mature than things that she has worn previously.

I think I audibly gasped when I saw this outfit. The bodice? The flowers cascading down the dress? The red heels? Everything is absolute perfection. And as if this entire ensemble couldn’t get any better, she paired it with a super cute bun. While this definitely is unrecognizable from the outfits, in the beginning, she looks so confident.

I swear, she broke the internet with this dress. I love the neckline and how the necklaces compliment said neckline. I also think that the tiered skirt is fun and exciting and still super old-Hollywood sophisticated.  And not only that but she is glowing. Her smile radiates and her bright personality is shining from the inside out.

Just like how all of us grow and evolve our fashion senses, it seems that Jojo is doing the same. While still maintaining her bright and bubbly personality, the Nickelodeon star has swapped her bows for face-framing hairstyles and neon for neutral. And while I have been down with the ways that she chooses to express herself through fashion, seeing this fashion evolution before my own eyes makes me excited to log onto Instagram each morning to see what she will wear next.


Megan is an elementary education major and an early childhood education minor. Outside of Her Campus, she is the secretary of Central's PUSH chapter and works as a lab assistant. She loves to write on beauty, lifestyle, and the occasional spicy political take.
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