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It’s All About The Graham

I never understood the obsession with listening to podcasts, that is until recently. I don’t know why but for some reason I decided to look for a podcast on my castbox app. The only person I could think to search was Ashley Graham. She is one of the first models I started following on Instagram probably 6 years ago when I first came onto the Instagram scene. One of the reasons was because I was working for Dressbarn at the time and Ashley was the super amazing model for a new campaign we had just launched. So I followed her on Instagram to learn more about her so I would be able to gain more sales.

Fast forward 6 years later and Ashley Graham is one of the most popular models in the world right now. But she is so much more than that. She is a human rights activist, body positivity promoter, health enthusiast, and still loves In-n-Out Burgers.  Ashley Graham is a unicorn.

I started listening to her podcast Pretty Big Deal after seeing her post her interview teasers on Instagram, I figured why not give it a shot. After the first episode, I was HOOKED! Her very first interview was Kim Kardashian, and I was a little skeptical at first, but I listened anyway. Needless to say, I now follow Kim K on Instagram too. *P.s. Kim and I are the same height, so ya know, I could be famous one day too. Also, she and I are the same bra size, so she is basically my spirit animal. Anyway, Ashley’s interview with Kim was amazing and after that I was hooked on the podcast. In the last month or so I have now marathon-ed the first two seasons of Pretty Big Deal and just crave each new episode! It is how I get ready in the morning now. Put on Pretty Big Deal and 45min later I am ready school!

What is great about Pretty Big Deal is that on the show they talk about everything from race, religion, politics, adversity, work/life balance, work/parent life balance, S.O.’s, sex, business, fashion, you name it, they talk about it. It is a no holds bar podcast on everything you need to know about being a Boss Babe. 

Now I would like to share a few of my favorite quotes from Pretty Big Deal with all you future Boss Babes. I linked their interviews- Click on their highlighted name!

“Unapologetically taking up space” – Paloma Elsesser

          This quote of 4 words says huge things. It says you should never apologize for who you are. It says don’t be sorry for existing. It says DON’T. BE. SORRY. I love this quote because it allows you to remember that you are not a burden, and you are not in the way.

“What I didn’t get, wasn’t for me” – Paloma Elsesser

          This quote cut deep with me. I definitely struggle with being a people pleaser and doing things because “that’s what people my age do”, or “that’s what I should achieve”, etc. And what this quote reminded me was that just because I don’t get something or achieve something that I “thought” I wanted, doesn’t mean I failed or gave up or didn’t try hard enough. It means it wasn’t for me, whatever that may be. I have to constantly remind myself of that. Remembering this quote and actually understanding it and not being upset about things that aren’t for me is still very much a work in progress, but this is always a nice reminder.

“America is an incredibly diverse place, and yet we still don’t care enough to diversify and be inclusive of everyone that it entails” – Noor Tagouri

       This quote, no, this whole interview with Noor Tagouri was AMAZING, and now I listen to Noor’s podcast too. This quote means so much to me, coming from an immigrant family it hit home. And if any of you read my article last week about the lack of diversity in stock images, well you should go and listen to this podcast as well. What Noor said is 100% correct, America does not care enough to include everyone. America just likes to brag that it is a melting pot but then brush anyone “different” aside. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the opportunities I have been given, but part of that is also the fact that I grew up in Washington. Things could have ended up way different if I grew up in other parts of the country.

“The most important characteristic in a leader is empathy”- Cindy Eckert


       For anyone who doesn’t know who Cindy Eckert is, go look her up. She is the definition of a Boss Babe. And this quote from her says SO MUCH. She has been hugely successful and yet it isn’t about the money or power for her. It is about how much she cares. She wants to make the world a better place, in terms of women in business, and in the bedroom (go listen to her interview to find out what I am talking about). She sold one of her companies for 1 Billion dollars and invests in women-run businesses and start-ups. Kim K might be my spirit animal, but Cindy Eckert is who I strive to be in life. She is who I look up to. Plus, she wears pink all the time. So really, all my babes out there, go look her up, you won’t be sorry.  

“The most important thing is to always prepare yourself to start over” – Dapper Dan


I just listened to this interview this morning and loved it! For all my fashionistas out there, this is the interview for you! Dapper Dan is an icon in the logo world, known as the Father of Logo Mania. As a woman going into the business world in a few months, this quote reminded me that I always need to be prepared for the unknown and that growth comes from being uncomfortable. Preparing yourself to start over is a way of making sure you’re never too comfortable and that you’re always growing and improving yourself. If Dapper Dan at the young age of 75 can always prepare himself to start over, then so can you and so can I.

For all my Boss Babes looking for a new podcast to listen to, a little inspiration in the morning or because you know Ashley Graham is amazing, go check out her podcast! #prettybigdeal

Current CWU student. Business Administration major specializing in Supply Chain Management. PNW Native. Vintage clothing enthusiast, animal lover, world traveler, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!
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