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I’m Living For The Thrill- Euphoria Season 2 Predictions

Episodes 1&2


On a Monday…with the propane.

The Euphoria soundtrack lives rent-free in my head and now it is living in everyone else’s. SHHHEEESSSHHHH can we just discuss episodes one and two for a second. Like, that just happened. When I heard that they were only uploading one episode a week, I was a bit nervous because I wasn’t sure how this season was going to play out.

Episode 1-Recap

  • Fezco’s grandma is a badass.
  • Ashtray is literally named after an ashtray.
  • Maddy and Nate still have drama
  • Lexi + Fez ^.^
  • We all feel for Cassie

Episode 2- Recap

  • Nate is obnoxious.
  • McSteamy is still trash.
  • Rue please stop.
  • Kat you’re beautiful, now put your black boots on and strut.

My predictions for each character


-Oh my girl Rue. I don’t necessarily hate the friendship she has with Elliot, but it is definitely not what she needs in order to stay clean. I think down the line something will happen that will cause Rue to have some sort of mental break. Whether this is a fight with Jules over her using again or something that goes wrong with Elliot. I think this season Rue is going to be faced with a lot of challenges and hardships. I also think she may try to become some kind of drug lord.


I think this season Jules is going to be faced with a big decision when it comes to Rue. Her father is a big part of her life and when he mentioned in her room that this might not be a great decision, I think that is going to play in her mind a lot this season. Jules really just wants the best for Rue and I believe she does love her, but I also think that the best thing may be letting her go because she loves her.


Aside from the fact that she is definitely getting some infection from that dang hand towel in the bathroom, I really hope Maddy finds happiness. She gets a bad rap but, honestly, she just fell in love with a guy that treated her like a princess until he didn’t. I hope this season Maddy leaves Nate alone completely and doesn’t invite that hostility into her life again. I also hope she hands over that disc to the authorities. Bye, Bye Mr. Jacobs.


Cassie is one of my favorite characters. She is someone who just wants to be loved and accepted into this world, primarily by men because of her absent father. A lot of people who do not have “daddy issues” really don’t understand the want and need to be wanted but also feel protected in a way. While I think Cassie can do so much better than the guys she finds, she can DEFINITELY do better than Nate Jacobs. As soon as “Nate’s Theme” played inside that gas station and he walked next to her I knew it was over. He has moved onto a new target, and I think Cassie is going to end up falling in love with him and potentially lose her best friend Maddy.


My girl Kat needs to get it together. She is lacking confidence and I think it is mostly because Ethan is not the type of guy she is into. *Fanfiction does this to you, girls.* He is too sweet and comforting, where she literally last season was an online dominatrix. I sadly think this relationship will fall through, but maybe it’s for the best?


This is about to be her season. As soon as she and Fez were sitting on that couch I was like ^.^ yay. Lexi doesn’t really get a lot of speaking parts and we haven’t seen much character development from her, but I think this season we will. I am actually rooting for Fez and Lexi to possibly get together.


Ah, Fez. I feel like he is the type of guy you could call at 4 am and vent to and he would listen and give advice. I mean shoot he was going to share his sandwich with Faye, that’s such a kind gesture. I think Fez is going to channel his inner soft side with Lexi this season. When she walked into the gas station he could hardly speak and I think this is going to be a common occurrence. I also suspect he will have many run-ins with Nate’s dad and possibly face a smackdown.


As if I do not have enough on my list to hate Nate after what he did to Jules, now he is trying to scooch in on my girl Cassie. Can he just focus on himself for 5 mins without ruining someone else’s life? First off, he isn’t even attractive. His ego is way too much for any person to handle and honestly, I think it is an act. Nate is completely covering up the fact that he might not be straight and I think this really messes with his head. My theory for him this season is he is going to mess around with Cassie to piss off Maddy, but also maybe so he can fantasize about Jules. He obviously isn’t finished with Maddy, he likes the attention she gives him. And he was attracted to Jules, and Cassie is a blonde…coincidence? I also secretly hope Fez kicks his ass again.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my possibly far-fetched predictions and maybe they inspired you to create a few of your own!


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