The Hype for Ellensburg Dutch Bros.

The Wildcats of CWU are pumped for the Ellensburg Dutch Bros. to finally be completed any day now. Paired with Sonic Drive-In, both the espresso and fast food will bring in many happy customers and coffee lovers. According to our Her Campus team, everything about Dutch Bros. including their sweet treats, espresso, stickers, and vibes are amazing and worth the hype. Here are our favorite things about Dutch Bros. that are coming to you soon Ellensburg:

Sweets: Muffin Tops

Muffin Tops are a bakery item you can buy at Dutch Bros. and they pair well with any espresso drink. Great for on the go, Muffin Tops come in many flavors such as lemon poppy seed, orange cranberry, chocolate chip, and even seasonal flavors!


Rebel Drinks

Rebels are flavored energy drinks similar to Red Bull sodas that come in many flavors. One of their most famous flavors is Tiger’s Blood which is a mix of strawberry and coconut and the drinks can come iced or blended. Definitely try this drink out if you’re in need of some quick caffeine!


Freeze Drinks

Freeze drinks are my personal favorite from Dutch Bros. because they are very similar to Frappuccinos. These drinks also come in many flavors including seasonal drinks. In the summer my favorite to get is the S’mores!


Vibes from Dutch Bros.

Every experience I have had when getting my espresso from Dutch Bros. has always been a positive one. Their employees are great at customer service and their wait time is never too long. One of the best things about Dutch Bros. is that they give out cute free stickers at the beginning of every month, but you have to collect them fast as the stickers run out very quickly. I have managed to get a few stickers in the past which are super adorable to put on water bottles. If you’re a true fan of Dutch Bros. you can also get your hands on some cool merchandise in their online store and it is worth taking a look!

We are so excited for the quickly approaching opening of the Ellensburg Dutch Bros. location, and we hope that all of the first timers and well seasoned Dutch lovers are preparing for the well known Dutch hype to hit the Burg!

Dutch Bros. or Die Ellensburg!