How You Know You're Turning Into Your Mother

College is the time of your life when you are supposed to find who you really are as an individual. However, many slowly find themselves becoming someone they swore they never would, their Mother. Here are just a few moments when you realized you are turning into that person.


You have a new found love for dinner parties

Growing up, we always had family dinners and during the holidays they are an even bigger deal. I never really understood why it was such a big deal, but now I understand the joy in hosting dinner and cooking food for the people I love!


You are prepared for every life crisis

My mom always had everything I needed right when I needed it. Now, I find that my purse is full of survival supplies that everyone needs like: hand sanitizer, Tums, Ibuprofen and even an extra pair of socks.


You can’t stay awake past 10

My family would always joke about how my mom would call it a night at 9:30 pm. But now that I’m in college, I spend sometimes 4 hours getting ready to out on the town, then all I can think about is making it to bed before midnight.


HGTV and The Food Network are life

My mom would make me watch shows like House Hunters or The Next Food Network Star with her after school when I was younger. At the time, it was easily the worst 50 minutes of my life, but now I find myself clearing my schedule every Tuesday and Thursday to watch Chopped. 


Coasters on the coffee table ARE NOT AN OPTION

I would roll my eyes every time my mom would yell at me for setting glasses on the table but when you have your own apartment this is not a joking matter! 


Crockpots are a game changer

I remember listening to my mom and her friends rave about all the cool new crockpot recipes they found online, and I never understood the hype. However, now that I am in my 20s, being able to turn the crockpot on low in the morning before class and come home to a meal is the most amazing thing ever!


Can anybody else relate to this? How many of you feel your turning into your mother in one way or another? Let us know in the comments below!