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How to Wear Your Winter Wardrobe in Spring 2018

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Spring has officially sprung but we Washington natives know that, that doesn’t mean much until about May. We are all faced with the perplexing daily struggle of: “What can I wear that keeps me warm at 9 am but isn’t a suffocating me by noon?” it’s a harsh reality but you have opitions!

Just like fall, the key to spring is layers, layers, layers! Don’t hang out your winter jackets just yet, but pair them with your springtime prints instead of your winter scarves.

Pair a little leather moment with a skirt, you will have to bare the burden of a cold morning on your exposed legs but once you’re headed out for your second coffee of the day (just us?) your jacket will be the perfect balance of cozy and spring time chic.

Dressing for spring is all about balance, as in “wear now, what you can take off later.” Because it isn’t quite warm enough to break out those daisy dukes your dad hates, doesn’t mean you can’t match a tank top with a pair of jeans.  Spring is all the opportunity you need to break out your muted pastels that have been all the rage for the last three years, and counting.

Many people have this silly perception that once April comes around they have to neglect their winter shoes to make room for their floral prints and pastels. Well Jeremy Scott, Jeffrey Campbell and I are here to tell them that they are seriously mistaken.

Mixing edgy booties with dainty dresses is very now. The 90s trend has come back full swing for the 90s babies and I am here for it. Don’t put away those thighs or western buckle boots away just yet. Pair them with flowy French girl dress and be the balance of punky/posh you were born to be (at least for that day).

President at Her Campus CWU Senior, Public Relations Major at Central Washington University!