How "This is Us" Successfully Changes Society Stereotypes

“This is Us” has had three successful seasons that address many societal issues that we have to deal with since the media makes us believe that these ideals are a reality when there are many more factors that contribute to who we are and what makes us as people. The show starts off with a couple named Jack and Rebecca. They were supposed to have triplets, but one of them died unfortunately during the labor and delivery process. Rebecca has two of the kids, one a girl and the other a boy, named Kate and Kevin. After this, Rebecca and Jack see this black baby boy named Randall and decide to adopt him because of their gut feeling that he was going to be essential for their family and became their third child.  

These three children grew up in a very loving home from their parents but faced their own difficulties and challenges as young teens and adults. Kate has always been classified as “overweight” her whole life. This was devastating to see when the audience could see that she was comparing herself to her mom because they both have different body types. There is foreshadowing in the first episode when she is a grown adult. She undresses and weighs herself on the scale. She is crushed because of the number on the scale and eventually begins the process of making a change by adjusting her diet and going to a support group. However, life throws challenges our way and we feel off by these and sometimes go back to our old ways and or habits because it is easier this way. This is clearly shown in Kate’s life journey. She has her ups and her downs, but her mom becomes an eventual support system for her and she still living life to her fullest potential and this is inspiring to many. 

For Kevin, he is an actor for a TV show at first, but gets made fun of on live TV and does not want to deal with this societal pressure anymore. He leaves to pursue a movie career that he is more successful as an actor. However, he does fall to his lowest as he becomes an alcoholic and struggles with this along with losing his girlfriend. He has to put all of his effort and heart to try to make the relationship work. This societal stereotype is that when you are a movie actor, everything is perfect, but these people just have more pressure on their shoulders, and we should not assume that celebrities are perfect 24/7.  

Lastly for Randall, he had to face a lot of backlash about having white parents and learning that he was going to grow up in a world that was not going to accept him. Also, he has panic attacks, and this contributes to how he works and how he tries to handle this struggle. When it comes to this mental health issue, Kevin and Kate are there for him and that is what family is about after all, right? Family is about those who surround and support you for who you are throughout all life changes and journeys, and you need to keep these people around as they can help you through anything.   

Have you binged every episode, or are you completely missing out? This show is so relatable every one will be obsessed!