How To Throw an Affordable Halloween Party

Anyone who knows me knows I love decorating but, they also know I love finding the best deals even more! With us now in the month of October people are already planning what fun characters they will dress up as and where they will spend All Hallows' Eve. If your place is chosen to be this year's spooky hangout spot for the night, creating the perfect haunted space does not have to break the bank. Which is why I have compiled an affordable list of items that can make your Halloween party fantasies come true! 

Happy Halloween Paper Banner

A Halloween banner is a must for any party and you can pick up this scary black&purple one at Target. Adorned with skulls and creepy faces this $5 sign is sure to add some wow factor to your party and make your bones chill with just how cheap it is! Target even has great deals when it comes to your decorating endeavors, they are offering $5 off when you spend $30. Could you imagine how many things you can pick up for only $25! 

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Hobby Lobby

After checking out this store online I can't just recommend one item. Currently, Hobby Lobby is offering such good deals on their Halloween decorations it could wake up the dead! Almost all of their Halloween decor is on sale, most being half off. Stopping at Hobby Lobby for your Halloween party needs is a must for this party season. You can find Halloween signs for $1.79, cute wood decor for less than $4, pumpkins for $2.99 and much more!

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Jack-O-Lantern Must-Haves

After you've collected enough decorations to make your place as enchanting as possible, you have to think about how people will be drinking their vampire punch or their meatball mummies. This is where Amazon comes in. For $16.99 you can buy an entire Halloween themed party supply set that serves 24 people. $16.99 seems a bit high but, the set comes with everything you need. Plastic knives, spoons, forks, paper plates, napkins, and cups. Amazon claims that the plates are thick and won't fold while carrying food. The napkins are also soft and absorbent, making them a pleasure to use. This product is totally worth it!

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Pro Tip: If you want to take your party to the next level you can easily create party invitations using google docs! Just some quick typing with a little copying and pasting should do the job. But, now that you have all of your party supplies ready to go, you can throw the best Halloween party any ghoul or gal has ever seen. Happy Haunting!