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How To Prepare For Spring Break

It is the middle of winter (even if it may not feel like it in Ellensburg) and all you can think of is how in a month you hope to be on vacation somewhere warm and far, far away from the windy burg. Now, there is nothing wrong with daydreaming in class, but you should also be thinking of how you can be gearing up towards your spring break trip!  Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you are fully prepared!

Start shopping early

Of course, you will want a new swimsuit for your trip, and by the week or two before spring break most stores will already be royally picked through.   Start shopping now, ONLINE!  There are so many, cheap sites that have adorable high quality swim suites.  Also, buying online compared to in-store can give you more options so you don’t end up at the beach in the same suite as 4 other people.

Go outside and get some sun

A few weeks before your trip take some time and spend it outside.  During the winter you probably have been inside hibernating and your skin is in for a huge shock once it sees the sun again. Taking the time to gradually introduce your body back to some rays will decrease your chance of burning once you get to your vacay stop. Once you are there don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!


Reduce your sugar intake (if you're trying to diet)

If you are looking for an easy diet or better eating habits to get ready for spring break, try reducing the amount of sugar you are eating or drinking throughout the day! by starting to cut out sugar now and you can thank yourself later! This doesn't mean hitting the gym twice a day until your plane takes off, but it can be simple steps like changing your diet and increasing the amount of cardio you do. In reality, you are your biggest critique, but if you want to feel more confident making a few adjustments to your diet and exercise now can make all the difference!


It is never a bad idea to be prepared and it can eliminate stress closer to your trip.  You want to focus on having a blast with your friends and making amazing memories, so take advantage of this time! Hey HC members, do you have any other tips or tricks to get SPRING BREAK READY, if so leave a comment in the box below. 

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