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How to Make the Perfect Spooky Basket for Your Boo

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

I didn’t know what a spooky basket was until my boyfriend got me one this year, but now I’m all for it! Complete with a fall mug, yummy snacks and a Peanuts sweatshirt where the whole gang is in their Halloween costumes! So now I’m here to give ideas for what to put in your spooky basket for your friends or S/O!

A Mug For That PSL

This mug gives all the vibes for Halloween, perfect for your special boo in your life. I know I was so excited when I got a fall mug in my spooky basket! If a regular mug isn’t your SO’s thing, you can do an alternative like a Halloween travel mug or teacup!

Socks to Stay Warm on These Cold, Windy Nights

This sock pack from Target is only $8 and is guaranteed to put anyone in the holiday spirit. As the weather gets chilly, boots are my go-to shoe, and wearing festive sock just makes wearing boots that much better!

A Puzzle to Stay Busy

Add a spooky puzzle in your basket, it is a perfect way to spend time with your SO or friend when the weather is too gross outside. Especially in Eastern Washington where the weather can take a turn for the worst, a puzzle is perfect to do together!

A Festive Shirt

Nothing says festive like a catchy shirt, and I am all about this shirt referencing such a classic movie, Hocus Pocus!

Halloween Headbands!

Light-up cat ears are a sure-fire way to get in the spooky spirit, and this set is only $3! Add these cute cat ears to any outfit in October to add a bit of Halloween to your day.

Trick or Treat Basket

Put all the goodies in a cute reusable basket, add some festive crinkle paper to the bottom and top it off with a cute card!

Spooky Baskets are such a fun way to show your appreciation for your friend or SO without waiting for the holidays to come. You can even add their favorite Halloween candy to the basket! So have fun making a spooky basket, and Happy Halloween!

Current CWU student. Business Administration major specializing in Supply Chain Management. PNW Native. Vintage clothing enthusiast, animal lover, world traveler, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!