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How to: Go Green in the Shower!

I know I can’t be the only one trying to reduce their plastic waste, whether you bought a reusable water bottle or maybe stopped using straws, you’re helping the planet and that’s awesome!

What if there was another easy way to reduce your plastic waste? Well guess what, there is! Lush Cosmetics is all about protecting the planet and protecting people, so we weren’t surprised when they released a new product called “Shampoo Bars.”

Here’s what the website says: “These mighty bars are concentrated pucks of shampoo that can outlast two to three bottles of the liquid stuff: one bar will last up to 80 washes! They’re also packed full of essential oils and fresh ingredients so you’ll have gorgeous hair every time.”

Not only are they cute and colorful, but they are also very good for your hair! Each bar has different ingredients perfect for any hair type. They even have a shampoo/conditioner bar so you won’t even need to buy a bottle of conditioner! Again people, EACH Shampoo Bar will give you 80 washes, that’s insane! Her Campus Central Washington University will be trying out this product and posting a follow up feature with all of our thoughts on this (hopefully) amazing product. Don’t forget to check back in a couple weeks to see how we like it!

Hey HC chapters, do any of your members use the Lush Cosmetics Shampoo Bar? If so leave us a comment or two below with your feelings about the product!



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