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Honey Treasure- Garnier Hair Serum

If you have chronically dry or damaged hair as I do, put down all of your oils and pick up the Garnier Repairing Leave-In Miracle Nectar. I have very dry curly hair and haven’t been able to revive it after all of the flat iron use from when I was a teenager. I try to let it be natural most of the time, however, I do still enjoy using a flat iron here and there. The only problem is my dryness is very noticeable unless I put multiple creams and oils in my hair. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re on a budget it’s not ideal to spend your coins on a handful of different products. So when I was able to try the Garnier Miracle Nectar myself, I knew I struck gold! Garnier has marketed their “Whole Blends” line for ‘All Hair Types’ which is a statement I have often been wary of in the past. Being Bi-Racial myself I have always struggled to find decent hair products unless I specifically go to the “Ethnic” hair section of any store. Even then I was only ever able to choose from a small variety of products since the “Ethnic” section seems to always be a tiny one in the corner that collects dust. However, with this product, Garnier has been able to truly create a product that works well for every hair type.

Garnier claims that the honey treasures repairing leave-in Miracle Nectar provide 10 benefits at once for all Hair Types. It restores your hair’s natural beauty with a serum that does it all: moisturizes, detangles, repairs and prevents split ends, tames frizz, strengthens, restores softness, nourishes, protects against heat, reduces breakage, and improves manageability. 84% of women saw less split ends in just 1 day. The Miracle nectar is crafted with honey, propolis & royal jelly extracts in a lush and creamy formula that is nurturing and wholesome. Non-oily, Paraben-free and gentle enough for everyday use. This hair product is fully branded to replenish, nourish and repair your hair which, I am fully able to agree with!

No one wants dry and damaged hair but, after I used this product I felt more confident as I finally had some no-fuss, shiny hair! This product is also only $7.99 and is stocked in all of the big retail stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Safeway, CVS, and More! This product is affordable, readily available and will sort out all of your hair care needs! 

For more information on the product, hair care videos and articles, check out the Garnier website here!


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