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Hey Lord, You Know I’m Tired- Euphoria Season 2 Finale + Prediction Results

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

*WARNING: If you choose to continue reading this article without watching the final episode, I am not responsible for the emotions that follow*

My thoughts

Let me begin by saying before I started this episode, I prayed to the gods. Last week they left us on a cliffhanger I wasn’t sure we would survive.


In episode 7 we are left with Cassie looking like the ending of a Stephen King film with her face pressed up against the glass and her breath fogging up the glass. Basically, she was about to kick the shit out of Lexi for A. telling her stories and B. ruining any relationship she had going with Nate.

I was honestly in love with the play. I am someone that enjoys a good cup of tea. Lexi did an amazing job with her script, I mean she had a lot to work with by attending Euphoria high school but what I liked is she kept it classy. Some musical numbers, some crying, and a ton of glitter. Perfection if you ask me.


I still have VERY high hopes about this even after the raid. I mean did you see how cute our boy was in that suit? *insert teary eye emoji*. Then when they were playing flashbacks of them talking on the phone and mentioning Little House on the Prarie… like come on Sam..why do you have to make me love these characters and then RIP THEM FROM ME.

I knew it wasn’t going to be simple. I knew that.

What I didn’t know was that we would be left wondering where it goes from here. I mean she dedicated the ass-end of her show to him and he was in the middle of a war zone being slapped in the face by drywall.


I have never held my breath for as long as I did during this episode.

Then to find out…it was supposed to be Fez… I would have literally been in bed for probably a week.

What is so fascinating about the power of film is how it can literally transport you there with them. I mean when you think about it, the scene is all fake. The actors are running lines and those S.W.A.T. guys are not really armed. But something about the way the camera focused on the facial expressions Angus gave and the quick breathing of Javon made us all hold our breath and curse.

I will say, I now have a bigger appreciation for Faye. When she “dropped the glass” she gave Fez an opportunity to start the scene differently than it would have panned out but of course, Ash is a hothead and doesn’t think.

To everyone who was emotionally scarred from this past Sunday’s episode…I am with you. We will get through this together.

how’d i do?

In terms of predictions…I don’t think I really did that badly.


In my previous article, I mentioned that Rue would become faced with some hardships, and man did she. I also said she would fight with Jules + Elliot. Which again she did. Instead, it wasn’t entirely for the worst. I mean they technically saved her by outting her and sometimes, an addict needs it. As far as her becoming a drug lord, that probably will not happen but…did we all just forget about the suitcase? I mean that was worth M O N E Y. Rue Rue has some shit coming.


Come to think of it, this season we didn’t see a ton from Jules. I think they really stepped back from the characters they focused on in season 1 and touched on the others. Although, I think this was an eye-opening season for Jules. You can really see how much she loves Rue and I think she has been so focused on something that she didn’t have with Rue like physical scenarios but I believe sober Rue and Jules could be a good pair. #RULES


Seeing the many different sides of Maddy has slowly made her go up in the pyramid. We still do not have the test results from the towel incident, but I am sure she got something from it. I can honestly say though, I think Maddy has come to her senses with Nate. Especially after learning about Cassie + Nate’s late-night bump fest. Good for her. TBH, Maddy should have picked the other sister to be friends with.


Now, Cassie is still my girl. There is something about her that I think we can all relate to. For me, it is the raging daddy issues but.. we don’t talk about that. I do feel bad for her. She is just jumping at Nate because he gives her attention. She doesn’t truly love him. But I do want to slap her a bit and ask why you would let a man come between you and your bestie. Never let that happen.


We didn’t get diddly squat from miss ma’am. I mean seriously. She just sat in the chair. Oh wait, she did run after Maddy.


What did I say? CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. THE MOTHER F****** G LEXI HOWARD. I mean honestly, she is the main character of season 2. Her play was iconic, her and Fez..meant to be. I mean I have not seen this girl give more than 1 look to the opposite gender but this ginger boy has her feeling some type of way and I am here for it.

Fez– *insert heart eyes*

Freakin’ hell man. I think all of us can assume he is going to be charged with something now. I mean I am not sure what they will get him on, I am sure all of us are thinking the knife but they could say there isn’t enough evidence. I know he typically doesn’t have drugs in the house except his grandma’s but…who knows. I am kind of hoping they don’t have enough to charge him. I just really hope he stays as sweet as he is and doesn’t go out for blood. <3


We all know Nate, you can just admit it. There is no shame in being gay, we are in 2022 now. I mean shit, I am hella surprised he turned his dad in..for once…that was probably the best thing Nate has done. Why he did it probably wasn’t for the common good but just because he was spiteful. Honestly, I hope he takes a hard look at himself in the mirror and decides if the person he sees is really who he wants to be.

The long waiting game

Ah, here it is… the final episode..done.

Now we must wait another who knows how many years until our questions are answered..

we can get through this lads. I promise.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the latest Euphoria season finale and the season as a whole. How did it compete with season 1? Are you happy with the way it ended? I’m surely not.

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