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Greeting Cards; A Blast From The Past, OR Making A Comeback?

In a time when everything is at our fingertips, we often forget how fun it is to get “snail mail”. My best friend and I make an effort to write each other cards during the holiday season, or just when we find a cute card. I think the most underrated budget-friendly thing you can do for someone is sending them a card saying you’re thinking of them. It’s easy, fun, and sure to put a smile on their face! My first job when I was 16 years old was working at the local Hallmark shop and I LOVED IT! There is something so relaxing about being in a card shop choosing the perfect card for whatever occasion. Writing cards is one of my favorite parts of greeting cards. I find that when I sit down to write why I appreciate someone, it tends to flow super easy and I end up with a super meaningful card that I know the recipient will treasure.

i love you card
Naomi Irons on Unsplash

Another way to personalize the “snail mail” experience is by scrapbooking your own card so it will be one of a kind. This works for any occasion, but I think handmade thank you cards are my favorite things to make!

Many millennials and Gen-Z say they only receive greeting cards from stores when they are promoting a sale. That is so sad to me because greeting cards used to be such an intimate, caring gesture. I definitely think we use technology too much when it comes to saying we care about someone. We are so quick to send an e-vite, or e-birthday car, etc, or say happy birthday on Facebook, that I think we forget how meaningful these gestures are supposed to be. Sending an actual card means you spent the time to think about the person and wrote down genuine feelings to wish them a good day.

So next time you want to write “happy birthday”, or “thank you” on Facebook, take a step back and send that person a card, it means so much more and I guarantee it will make their day!

Current CWU student. Business Administration major specializing in Supply Chain Management. PNW Native. Vintage clothing enthusiast, animal lover, world traveler, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!
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