Glossier and Seattle - A Match Made in Skincare Heaven

The wait is over. Glossier has finally introduced itself to Seattle. As a long time Glossier customer, I can’t tell you how happy this made me. I’m talking, almost literal tears. I waited as the pop-ups visited Chicago, Miami, and other cities around the U.S just waiting for Seattle to have it’s turn. I think Glossier heard my wishes and they answered. 

I made the trip to Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood to take in all the beauty of skincare for myself. It was even better than I had imagined. The space was designed by local interior designer, Lily Kwong. Her expertise brought the perfect embodiment of Seattle vegetation. The design was perfectly accentuated by the ambience of a playful playlist, the most incredible lighting you ever did see, and a heavenly smell of freshness. 

I definitely had to exercise some self control when it came time to purchase. I wanted to try so many things due to the appeal of no shipping wait time. Instead, I stuck to my tried and trusty products that needed restocking. I’ll share some of my favorites with you below. 

Oh, my sweet baby, Milk Jelly Cleanser. This is the first product I ever used of their's 4 years ago and I haven't stopped since. The formula is unscented and very clean. It's made with the same formula used in contact solution, so it's even safe to rub on your eyes. 

If I'm being honest, I didn't start wearing daily face sunscreen until last year. Mostly because I didn't like all the different formulas out there. I found this gem and I'm so grateful. It's liquid and so thin without the oily feel. 

Everyone has their multi use product. This is mine. I use it as primer for my foundation. I use it for moisturizer when my face feels dry. I use it after I wash my face at night. I've even used it as eyelid cream. This lil baby can do it all. 

I believe in Glossier’s products because the quality you get for the price you pay is almost criminal. I feel like I’m using top of the line boujee products for literally a fraction of the price. I also really appreciate how light and clean their products feel. My face never feels weighted down by their products. Of course the obvious, no animal testing. We love a cruelty free skincare line. Not to mention, they have totally nailed down the culture relevance across all ages. I will be a faithful customer until they run me broke!