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Get to Know: Victoria

This week we caught up with Victoria Lebesis! Victoria also known as Vic is an excellent student in the Global Wine Studies major at Central Washington University.  She has an ethnic background and has grown up to love wine.  Vic visited Greece recently over the summer, to visit her family, and traveled all over.  She tried new foods, and also overlooked the olive trees where her family makes their very own olive oil.

Where are you from? I was born at the University of Washington Hospital, and was observed by future doctors, so basically I was born into an audience!  But I grew up in Edmonds, Washington.

What sports did you play in high school?  I played basketball, and ran track.  My starting position on the basketball team was right bench, but I still lettered so it’s okay. I also would consider myself a super fan at Edmonds Woodway High School.  I would make my own cheers, so I was basically a part of the cheer team! 

Do you have any siblings? Just a twin brother, named Theodore.  I wouldn’t consider him just my twin, but my best friend from day one. I also have a brother named Yoshi, and another brother named Kyle.  (Yoshi is my dog and Kylo is my kitty)

What is your major & minor? I am majoring in Global Wine Studies because who wouldn’t major in alcohol?  I am also minoring in Business… because wine not? :)

What made you interested in Global Wine studies?  My family is from Greece and they make olive oil, but don't market it.  Since viticulture and horticulture relate, I figured that Global Wine Studies would be a great major to take on.   (If you are not aware of what viticulture and horticulture are then here are some definitions! Viticulture: Science production and study of grapes | Horticulture: The art or practice of garden cultivation and management)

What do you want to do once you graduate?  I just want to be famous.  Don’t ask me how.

What is your favorite drink?  Blue Raspberry Coconut Red bull Italian Soda with Cream. Or Caramel Apple Red bull Italian Soda… really just Red Bull in general.  (says this with an empty Red Bull Italian soda cup in hand)

Who is your favorite famous person and why?  Troy Bolton because he took the shot.  Just kidding, I really have no clue how to answer this. 

What is your favorite quote?  “She ain’t got time for lovin’ Louis Vuitton her husband”. -the Weekn

You will always catch Vic on campus with a smile on her face, and if not I promise she is approachable. So next time you see Vic on campus give her a wave, and a hello! 

Central Washington University | Junior | Marketing Management Major with a minor in Sports Business
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