Get to Know: Kennedy

Where are you from?

Bellevue, WA

What are some your hobbies?

"singing in my car?"

I also really enjoy weight lifting, cooking, hiking, and adventuring around Tolt River.

What is your major?

BA Psychology

Minor in Family Science and Nutrition

What do you planning on doing with your major?

I plan on being a Chemical Dependency Counselor. This career requires working closely with addicts and people who struggle with substance abuse.

Plans after undergrad school?

CDP Licensure, which requires two year at a grad school then two years to finish a course and at the end of the training I will have her CDP Licensure!


Are you involved in any clubs on campus?

President of the Psychology club

What made you want to become a part of the psychology club?

"I wanted to create a legacy for myself at this school, if I died tomorrow .

Having such an outgoing personality is what really gave her the strength to branch out and try something new. She also wanted to be sure that all voices were being heard throughout the club.

Favorite part about being a part of the psychology club?

I consider myself to be very approachable which workes out in my favor, being in this particular club because I am able to be a "go to" person as far as representing the club.

"I love when people come to me with questions about the club or even questions or seeking empathy in tough situations."

What skills have you developed by being a part of the psychology club and how can you apply them to your future career?

She has been able to build strong leadership skills as well as built the confidence to speak in front of a larger group of people.

If you guys are interested in the Psychology Club at Central Washington University, here are some of their upcoming events!

  • Speed Dating Event Feb 10 from 5-6pm in the Psychology Building 471
  • Love Talks Feb. 13 from 3-4pm in the SURC theater
  • Murder Mystery Dinner March 4 from 6:30-8:30pm in the SURC room 137 A&B $40.00 a ticket

Next time you see Kennedy on campus, be sure give her a big smile and don't be afraid to say hello!