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Winter is officially here in good ol’ Ellensburg, and with cold weather comes dry skin. Well don’t worry about a thing because the Her Campus Survival kit has hooked us up with L’Oréal Genius face cream! I know that the cold weather makes my skin really dry and irritated, so I thought I’d give this new facial moisturizer a try and let all you out there know if it’s worth the buy.

I used this product for 3 days and took pictures of how it made my skin look with and without make up.

Sets great under makeup

Personally I have very oily skin, I normally use witch hazel with a moisturizer as my regular skin care routine because that’s the best way for me to maintain my skin all day. I used the L’Oréal Genius face cream last night before bed, and again this morning under my normal makeup routine and it held up all day long. I was happy that it didn’t make my makeup sit funny or look too oily, overall I was very impressed!


Good for different skin types

Personally I have very oily skin, so I have to be careful with the moisturizers I use on my face. This moisturizer worked so well, it left my face slightly “dewy” and very hydrated! The product is wonderful becuase anyone can use it for any type of skin because they have two different kinds: Normal/Dry Skin as well as Normal/Oily Skin.


Texture of product

It doesn’t leave anything too fragrant on my skin, it rubs in very well and sits into your skin and it also is extremely smooth and soft feeling between your fingers and on your face. Its easy to spread across your face and it also doesn’t change how your foundation sets on your face.


Overall, I am very happy with this product. It makes my skin happy, makes me feel even more confident in my bare skin, and it’s inexpensive! So next time any of you are on the hunt for a new moisturizer check out L’Oréal Genius face cream!


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