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Five Free Fall Time Recipes To Keep You Warm

Autumn is here, and winter is right around the corner. With the dropping temperatures, I have been craving something simple and fulfilling. I have five of my favorite recipes for you to try when you want to be cozy on those cold days.

1. Ratatouille

Yes, you heard it ratatouille like from the movie! This is one of my favorite dishes to make. It is surprisingly simple, and a good change in pace from the normal pasta and casserole dishes we all love, along with being vegetarian and vegan. My go-to recipe is by Tasty. They keep it simple with the ingredients and provide a video to help guide you. The base is a basic tomato sauce, but you can get creative and add your own twist to it! I have tried adding puréed squash before and it adds a whole new depth of flavor. This hearty dinner can be eaten by itself with bread or served over rice, noodles, and even fish. A personal favorite of mine is the ratatouille over egg noodles.

2. Vegetarian Chili

This chili may seem to have a lot of ingredients, but trust me it is affordable and delicious. Cookie + Kate provides a step-by-step guide to make a flavorful chili, packed with protein and aromatics. No need to worry if you are not vegetarian, this recipe is easily adaptable and ground beef is optional. To give it an extra pop of flavor, I suggest adding some fresh cilantro and lime before indulging.

3. Creamy Tomato Soup

The best tomato soup by Food & Wine is the perfect comfort food for a cold night. With only 3 steps you can have a perfect soup to warm you up in just 35 minutes! I found this soup to be so easy to make. All that was needed was an oven and blender. I paired mine with a grilled cheese in a pesto glaze.

4. Mashed Potatoes

If you are in the mood for potatoes, check out the recipe from Gimme Some Oven! They have a perfectly balanced recipe, and your spuds will be nice and creamy. I like mine with lots of garlic and served with a vegetable of your choice.

5. Lentil Dahl

Try spicing things up with a red lentil dahl by Bianca Zapatka. It combines a complementary blend of spices and warmth. It can be parried with lime and naan. Not only is this dish protein-rich, but meat and meat substitutes are easy to add. You can freeze this and reheat it with no problem to enjoy all year round.

All of these recipes can be adjusted to your dietary needs and pleasures. Don’t be afraid to spice these up in your own unique way. You never know if one of these might be your new favorite.


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