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Five Best Halloween Costumes For You and Your S/O

If you haven’t already started planning your Halloween costume for this year, you might be late to the game. Don’t worry though, I have five costume ideas for you and your S/O that don’t suck.

Squid Game

Regardless of whether you dress up as a player or a guard, people will recognize your costume for sure! These tracksuits and this jumpsuit would be a super easy costume to pull together.

Studio 54

Live out your 70’s dream with this funky costume idea. This idea is perfect for any couple regardless of gender, and the best part is that all the items are super thriftable! If you don’t have time to hit the thrift store though, these costumes from Party City are some great options!

Gomez and Morticia Addams

Now the Addams family is a classic Halloween look, but Gomez and Morticia are super underrated in my opinion! Instead of wearing the typical Wednesday Addams costume, go for a dark and vampy Morticia outfit – that way your S/O can join in on the fun too – and you’ll have super spooky Instagram pics!

Sex Education
Drawn Images by myself (the author) of characters from Sex Education.
Lindsey Nelson

I know, I know, another Netflix costume. But this idea leaves so much room for creativity! There are a ton of different options for couples, even in same-sex relationships with this theme. A lot of the clothing in the show is super accessible and you may even have all the pieces you need hiding in the back of your closet!

Austin Powers

This Halloween costume theme is not done enough for my taste! You and your boo (pun intended) could go for Austin and one of his many love interests or -my personal fav- Fembots! The Fembots outfit is seriously so iconic and can be DIYed fairly easily if you are an experienced thrifter. If not, you could always try this costume from Amazon.

If you haven’t started your Halloween costume planning, I hope one of these ideas works for you! Even if you don’t have a bae this year, all of these costume ideas can be adapted for just you. Happy hauntings and lots of love from all of us at Her Campus!


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