Farewell to Summer

For three months out of the year, almost everyone is living their best life, which makes summertime sadness a reoccurring feeling. Visiting friends and family from back home created unforgettable memories, however, now comes the time to finally look forward to the new season and get back to the daily grind with school and work. Regardless of the results of your summer, there is no time like now to reflect on the positive attributes that are soon to follow with this transition to Fall.

You can be excited to meet new people and branch out in all your classes. Maybe this is the time you look for a new club on campus to join or discover a newfound interest! Any season of the year will be social if you seek out the opportunities to do so. With Fall comes CWU football games which are always a personal favorite. Get prideful and support your school with your friends!

The chilly weather is an excuse to bring out the cozy sweaters, flannels, jackets, and boots. Dressing up in fall attire with your friends and visiting local pumpkin patches is a fun seasonal activity. Make sure you take cute pictures of your experience! You can also feel ecstatic knowing that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back at Starbucks.

Warm nights relaxing at home in blankets after a long day of school or work can be much needed. Grab a cuddle buddy and watch your favorite Halloween movies or host a board game night with hot chocolate! Be creative in finding activities for you and your friends to do, but also leave some time for you. Getting back into schoolwork can feel rough at first since Summer is a break, but giving yourself enough time to complete all your tasks will leave you feeling less stressed out.

These activities and ideas give you something to look forward to this upcoming season. The summertime blues will be gone before you know it.