The Fall of the VS Fashion Show

Victoria’s Secret, a pioneer in lingerie and one of the most well-known brands in the world. Since the early 2000s, their annual fashion show has been a staple in fashion culture and a huge televised event, until this year. Its end has come as a surprise to many fans who await the yearly show and has caused much buzz around the fashion community. While its demise is praised by some and grieved by others, there is no single reason for it being canceled. Rather a multitude of events that not only have affected VS but foreshadow events for other brands in the future.  

On November 21st the CFO of L Brands, the parent company that owns VS, announced that the show would not be happening in 2020, due to wanting to “evolve the marketing” of the iconic lingerie brand. With the show not increasing revenue for the brand in days after airing, and ratings on the decline for years, from a marketing standpoint, this was the right choice. It also puts society's attitude toward lingerie and sexuality in marketing on a pedestal. In years past VS angels were the pinnacle of beauty, with millions of girls idolizing their looks. Yet now, in the “acceptance” age, beauty standards are shifting towards a more inclusive standard.  

I find the end of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to be a real marker in fashion history. As aforementioned, angels were everyone’s dream for years. But with women vocally retaliating to unrealistic beauty standards more and more every day, being average has never been more praised. And if such a fashion mogul such as VS can be swayed by the demands of inclusivity, then many more brands are sure to be affected. Done is the age of tall, blonde, and skinny, and in with the age of everyone.  

While personally, I am sad to see the iconic fashion show go, and I may not agree with it, I understand why it happened. I do not agree with the retaliation that comes from brands not representing everyone, as I believe they should have the freedom to market to who they want to market to. Also, there are a plethora of brands out there so if you don’t like one, well then choose another. But alas, I seem to be in the minority for holding this opinion, so again I understand why these changes are happening none the less.  

With that, I am excited about the future. As we the people continue to change what we want to see and what we will buy but I’m sure that many other brands will revamp their strategies to abide by the new waves just as VS has. And whether or not I enjoy every chance that comes our way, I know that that is how the fashion industry works. We will continue to consume fashion and companies will continue to produce it, and overall, I’m just grateful to live in an age where I can observe it all.