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Emma Chamberlain Is Transforming Her Brand – What Does This Mean For Her Fans?

Emma Chamberlain’s YouTube channel has been known to be a comfortable place. What are we to do now that she has decided to part ways with the platform?

In her podcast called “Anything Goes”, Emma Chamberlain recently decided to be open and honest about her relationship with YouTube as a creative outlet. Throughout the episode ‘the truth about youtube,’ Emma explained why keeping YouTube as her main career would be unsustainable and damaging to her mental health. Since the start of her fame, the almost-21-year-old couldn’t keep many moments or hobbies to herself because of the pressure to share them as content online. 

While we don’t know whether she is parting ways with YouTube for good, we do know that her platform on the site has started to fade. Chamberlain intends to focus more of her energy on her podcast, her coffee brand ‘Chamberlain Coffee,’ and her rising success in the fashion industry. Even though Emma believes no one will miss her presence on YouTube, the simple idea of her leaving has saddened many of her dedicated viewers. 

Her stardom on YouTube has always resonated with viewers as a source of comfort. From her relatability to this generation of young adults to her most recent videos that seem to encourage one’s independence, Emma’s use of YouTube was creative and inspiring. Personally, I enjoyed watching her most recent phase of videos this past Fall because she decided to edit her own videos again. Something about the editing made the videos feel like even though Emma was the only subject, she wasn’t alone and neither was her audience. 

I wasn’t the only one that felt this way. Many of the comments on her videos showed that her viewers felt at peace with her ways of editing, the melancholic music, and the random shots she placed throughout her videos. During this period of Emma’s newfound creativity, there were even TikTok creators analyzing her videos and why we enjoy them so much and it all came down to one thing: the romanticization of loneliness. 

I think that many people, especially women, in their late teens and early twenties have experienced discomfort when it comes to spending time by themselves. It can feel isolating when you believe that the only company you have or deserve is your own. However, Emma Chamberlain managed to change that mindset for many of her viewers with her YouTube videos and podcasts. By filming all of the little things she does or taking up niche hobbies she never would have thought to try, she showed us we can romanticize our own lives and find pleasure in independence. 

Although Emma Chamberlain won’t be spending much time on YouTube anymore, I think we can trust that she will find new ways to inspire us through her podcast episodes and many other projects she might be working on. 


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