Dress to Impress: The Importance of Selling Your Brand Before Saying a Word


As PR students and professionals, the first thing we learn is that first impressions are everything. What is important to know is that clients and employers are judging you even before you open your mouth. So it is important to know your audience and dress accordingly.

Even if you have zero intentions of pursuing a career in the fashion industry, it’s so important to dress the part of PR representative and sell your brand. If you plan on working in a corporate setting, a blazer and trousers are the obvious essentials. Even more importantly, are your jacket sleeves the proper lengths? Are your trousers tailored? All though these details seem minor and practically insignificant on a collegiate budget, the difference between a proper fitting suit is more obvious than you think, especially when it’s standing next to a CEO.

If you plan on doing PR for a smaller brand or a boutique firm, the dress code is a commonly less formal. Social media is a good resource to see what the dress code is before your interview or the first day. Being overdressed isn’t the worst thing someone could be, but could potentially knock down your confidence a bit which is never a great way to start a new position. If you are working for a clothing company, it never hurts to incorporate something from the brand into your outfit. Do your research! If the boss can often be found in band tees and converse, leave you trousers at home.


Whether you are dressing for an interview, a first day or a meeting with a potential new account, don’t let your clothes speak for you. Introduce yourself with the right outfit and let your work speak for itself.