De-escalation Training Should be Required Country-Wide, Sign the Petition

Only 16 states in the United States of America require de-escalation training as part of their police training requirements. This means 32% of states require de-escalation training. That would indicate that a staggering 68% of (that's 34 out of 50) states do not require de-escalation training. (Apex Officer & APM Reports)

The purpose of de-escalation training is to teach officers to slow down, create space, and use communication techniques to defuse potentially dangerous situations. It also gives officers strategies to more calmly deal with people who are experiencing mental and emotional crises (APM Reports).

Make a difference. Sign this petition that calls for all 50 states to require de-escalation training:

Requiring this training could save lives and reduce police brutality. While you're at it, make sure to sign petitions calling for justice for lost lives, and other petitions calling for reform.

sign saying fight today for a better tomorrow De-escalation training requirements in the 16/50 states that require it:

California: 2 hours every 2 years

Connecticut: 3 hours every 3 years

Georgia: 1 hour per year

Illinois: no minimum hours set

Indiana: no minimum hours set

Maine: 2 hours per year

Maryland: no minimum hours set

Massachusetts: 4 hours per year

Missouri: 2 hours per year

--> Missouri also requires mental health training at 2 hours per year

New Mexico: 2 hours every 2 years

Ohio: 2 hours per year

Oklahoma: 2 hours per year

South Dakota: no minimum hours set

Tennessee: no minimum hours set

Texas: no minimum hours set

Washington: 2 hours per year

The rest of the states require no de-escalation training.

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Sources: Apex Officer, group of law enforcement & virtual reality experts who are “committed to developing the most realistic, effective, and practical firearm, use of force, de-escalation, and crisis intervention training simulators,” and a report by American Public Media (APM) Reports.

About Apex Officer:

-->Their page on training requirements:

APM Reports’ article:'s%20called%20%22de%2Descalation%22,experiencing%20mental%20and%20emotional%20crises