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Corinne Olympios: The Ultimate Bad Bitch

If you haven’t watched The Bachelor’s season 21, I’m still sure you’ve still heard a thing or two about the lovely Corrine Olympios. Corrine is one of the youngest girls on this season, but definitely not someone to be over-looked! She has been all over the media for her sassy attitude and suggestive approach when it comes to Nick, throughout her time on the show. The girls at HC CWU decided that since the finally is coming up, we should do a little something to teach you all a little more about Corinne. #teamcorinne

Lets start with her family, Corrine is an older sister and is a part of a great family. She’s from Miami, Florida and went to college at Florida International University. Corinne also manages and owns her own online multi-million-dollar business, and her family’s business supplies high-performance epoxy coating and floor products. Besides just being a business woman, Corrine also models and acts.  She is absolutely stunning so what a surprise right?  She has profiles on ExploreTalent and Model Mayhem, where you can see that she has been involved in music videos with Akon, DJ Khaled, and more. 

On The Bachelor Corrine had been known for being a little out there for her racy photo shoot with Nick, during a group date. Corrine was willing to do anything to get Nick’s attention, and I mean anything! The other girls on the show had been thrown off and started to wonder what Corrine’s intentions.  

Corrine got questioned constantly by Taylor, another contestant on the bachelor. Corrine and Taylor were constantly bumping heads. Corrine would interrupt Taylor and Nick’s one-on-one conversations at cocktail parties, and Taylor felt as though she was the only one being victimized by Corinne. Taylor had confronted Corrine on multiple occasions and things never got resolved.  Taylor actually ends up going home after a two-on-one with Nick and Corrine. 

Consistently throughout the show Corrine was being shamed and grilled about why she was on the show.  Corrine might seem a little immature compared to the girls that were significantly older than her, but throughout watching you can see that her feelings were real.  When Corrine got the chance to take Nick to her hometown, she finally told him she loved him.  You can’t fake feelings like that. The couple looked very happy when they were around her family, but after the hometown date Corrine was devastated when she got sent home.

There is a lot more to Corrine Olympios than sleeping through rose ceremonies and threatening to punch girls in the face. Corrine might be young, but she learned from her experience on The Bachelor. Who knows though, will we will be able to experience Corrine in a little different environment, on Bachelor in Paradise?

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