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If you are at all into spirituality you are sure to be familiar with the term clairvoyance. However, what you might not know is that just like senses there are 5 clairs. They are; clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), clairsentient (clear feeling), clairgustance (clear taste and smell), and the one I will be focusing on Claircognizance (clear/all-knowing).

The first thing I would like to say is while we all possess the 5 clairs some of us have easier access to them than others. Perhaps you’ve had dreams that predict the future and you don’t even realize until the situation comes to fruition giving you deja vu. That’s an example of clairvoyance.

Now let’s specifically look at claircognizance. This is one of the strangest clairs for me and oftentimes I will second guess myself until it is proven. Perhaps it is because clairvoyance isn’t as direct as the others. It hits you in a way of looking at something and immediately knowing the story behind it or the story it will hold. It can be triggered by people, places and things in my experience and has thus far been uncontrollable. It is also something that I have possessed for far longer than I would have thought which I see now as I look back on other interactions. An example of a moment where it was at play is when I was talking to a group of people I didn’t know that well and giving them nicknames (that’s a whole other story), but I looked at one girl and when I said the first name that popped into my mind it happened to be her boyfriends. I also knew that 2 of them were sisters though they couldn’t have looked more different. That’s the thing about claircognizance: it isn’t always some big alarm going off in your head sometimes. For me, I am usually not even trying to read someone when I meet them but suddenly something in my brain just knows their whole story and not in the way of analyzing them. It’s like their soul is telling my brain a story on a frequency I wasn’t on. And while I’ve made it sound very beautiful and it can be, there are also times where I wish I didn’t know so clearly about someone. There have been times where after a rough day all I want to do is run into the store to grab something only to be bombarded by knowledge of everyone who passes me.

The sensory overload that follows these situations is some of the worst I experience which is why it is very important for those who relate to this that you keep your energy protected.

Some ways of keeping your energy protected are with crystals, an evil eye charm or pendant, protection enchantments, yoga, or spiritual baths. These are all ways to cleanse yourself from the energy of others that has latched onto you to convey this and just keep you protected from bad energies in general. It is especially important to do these things if you are an active practitioner of utilizing your clairs. Be safe out there friends and remember to take care of your energy when interpreting others.

P.S This is how claircognizance affects me just because it does not affect you or someone you know in this exact way does not make either of our experiences any less valid.

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