Cheap Coffee That still Tastes Good


It’s the beginning of spring quarter and not only is your motivation low as well as your bank account.  Spring quarter is a constant struggle of wanting to always be in the sunshine after the cold winter, but still going to class and getting good grades.  The most common solution to this (and most of life’s problems if we are being honest) is caffeine. But the problem I run into is not having the cash and also who wants to drink mediocre coffee. Here are a few of our favorite drinks that will give you that caffeine rush, taste good and won't break the bank!


Americanos for the win


Americanos are made with hot water and espresso shots. (Also bomb iced)  You can also add flavor so they are only about $2.95 for a 12 oz! These are personally my go to and I love to add vanilla or caramel syrup to spice things up!

Iced coffee (with milk and syrup)


Make a boring iced coffee more fun by adding your favorite flavor and/ or milk! Both of these come little to no charge so a 12 oz is only about $2.45!

Iced green or black tea


For you non-coffee drinker who still love a good dose of caffeine, these next two are for you! Green tea is super good for you and a good choice if you are wanting to stay away from sugary drinks. Depending on the size you get iced teas are only $1.75 for a tall or $2.95 for a trenta! (That’s the same price as a 12oz americano, just saying)

Pro-tip: black tea has more caffeine compared to green tea if you want an extra boost!


What is your favorite steal from the coffee shop when you are running low on cash? Let us know in the comments below!