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Cats versus dogs is a debate that has been occurring among people for as long as I can remember. I, of course, have an opinion on the matter, so I’ve decided to weigh in on the subject. 

pug in a blanket

If you’re looking for an autonomous pal that cares about you but gives you space, look no further. Cats are the purr-fect (sorry I had to) companion for those who like some space. Cats don’t need near constant attention to thrive like dogs do. Another upside to cats is that they’re resourceful enough to live outside with little to no attention without dying. Basically what I mean by that is they can survive off of eating birds and mice and whatever other small critters should be so unfortunate as to cross a kitty’s path. Speaking of mice, cats also kill mice that may have infiltrated your house, which makes them useful. 

Cats are also good for living in small places like apartments. They don’t need to go outside and run around like dogs do. In fact, a lot of cats I’ve come across would prefer to be inside. They instinctively use litter boxes, so they don’t require much potty training. 

Orange cat on a bed
Erynn Brown

On the other hand, if you enjoy a faithful buddy that’ll loyally stick by your side, you probably want a dog. Dogs are good boys because they never fail to bring a smile to people’s faces, and they love constant pets and cuddles. Dogs will follow their owners around everywhere, and will prove they love their owner a lot more than cats do. Dogs can be trained to do tricks, which is another way they bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Dogs are better for living in houses with yards. Smaller dogs might not mind an apartment, but I can imagine a golden retriever would go crazy being couped up. Dogs require a bit more potty training, and might use the living room carpet as somewhere to go potty a few times before they get the memo. 

Golden lab smiling
Johnathan Daniels

Both animals have their cons. Cats can be really annoying inside, because they’ll jump up on desks and tables and knock things over for the fun of it. Their litter boxes can also be a pain, and can get pretty smelly. Dogs are sometimes scary if they’re not trained right, but that’s usually more about how their owners treat them. Dogs will also occasionally go to the bathroom on the floor inside, even if they have been trained, so leaving them alone for a long time brings that risk.

Overall, just in my opinion, I like cats better as a pet. I love dogs and how happy they are, but I love how sinister cats can be. I find cats extremely entertaining, and they’re super snuggly and adorable. They don’t require as much attention as dogs, and being kind of busy, I appreciate that. Cats are underappreciated and they’re not as mean as people may think. But don’t get me wrong, I almost like them equally!

Thanks for reading! HCXO


Abby Duchow is a Wenatchee Valley College alum and current student studying Public Relations at Central Washington University. She enjoys listening to podcasts, online shopping, and petting cats. Abby almost entirely operates on caffeine, and hopes to one day expand her plant collection beyond just replacing the dead ones.