Candy That's Real Shady

If we are all being perfectly honest, we know that our classic banana Runts, our banana Laffy Taffy’s, or our refreshing grape sodas don’t taste like ACTUAL fruits?! We all know that fruit is amazing on its own, but so is fruit candy. The problem I’m having is the fact that although we know what grape tastes like artificially and real if you really think about it they aren’t very similar at all. Take an orange, for example, a real orange is a strong fruit flavor, however not nearly as sweet and tangy as artificial orange. Come on, orange slices or dots don’t even taste like orange much at all!

Why Artificial Banana is Especially Weird

The artificial banana fruit flavor is actually so funky because the bananas we buy in grocery stores today are basically just prototypes of the original banana. This was the Gros Michel banana. The original banana had a more similar flavor to the artificial banana products we enjoy (maybe) today. It seems like anytime I try a new flavor of banana candy, it's the same old thing, odd creamy banana flavor! To be frank, I think banana flavored candy is super gross and should be straight banned. 

Don’t Even on the La Croix’s

Okay. Let’s be really genuine here about how weird and off the La Croix brand got it. It is like they ran water over a jar of fruit a year ago, canned it with grandma, and we are just now making it into a fizzy drink. Oh, and by the way, the seltzer water they used was like, ten years old. Yet again here is another thing that is supposed to taste like fruit but is really missing the point. 

Are You Kidding Me

What is up with the Coke flavored bottle-shaped gummies? I really let the gummy Krabby Patties fly, but these Coke flavors are so gross and so off from the real thing. It’s like store brand ice cream instead of Dryers: it just can’t happen. We really need to put an end to this flavor crime, immediately. They have a really weird texture as well, which to me really does not say "refreshing beverage", it says I'm thirsty as all get out. 

What Were You Even Thinking?

Raspberry the fruit and the flavor is definitely a real thing. I stand by that claim through and through. But can one of you tell me what in the backward hat a blue raspberry looks like? I mean, don’t get me wrong, blue raspberry is low-key my favorite favor for ant artificial flavor. It literally tastes good in any form and I also stand by this claim. There are tons of products and candies that represent this flavor. The flavor originally comes from what is known as a whitebark raspberry, so I mean, I think that’s what makes it even weirder.  

These are my personal opinions and likes when it comes to what my sweet tooth likes, but our team had a fun time talking about all of the weird flavors that are made in the candy industry.  Is there one we missed that blows your mind? Let us know!

Why does this matter?


You know, I am not sure. I just figured we could all get a little tiny snippet of artificial fruit flavor history in our lives. Just remember next time you east some fruit candy, it’s not truly fruit candy. Artificial flavors are actually really bad for one’s health and should not be consumed. However, with that being said, I hope you enjoy those fruits with passion. There is a lot that goes into making these wacky flavors and they have been proven to taste great. So… get to it!