Body Positivity on TikTok

As a young woman in today’s society, I know that it can feel like there is a lot of pressure on us females to look a certain way and to find the perfect angles. This can feel especially difficult in the age of social media and reality shows in which the highest form of compliment is letting the other know that they “look skinny today” and- well, you get the point. 

Over the past year or so, I have been struggling with the realization that as I’ve grown older, my body has started to change in a way that I wasn’t so happy with. By now, I’ve come to understand that I will not be small and 14 forever, which is completely fine. But when that hard truth starts to feel like a bitter taste in my mouth, I find myself doing what some people might advise against: I go on TikTok. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. TikTok probably isn’t the best place to go for some reassurance, and my ‘For You’ page is just going to show me women that I’ll only ever compare myself to. This may be true, but if I were to look through the #bodypostivity tags and let that algorithm meet my FYP, I think you’d be surprised how comforting you may feel. 

different body types in black leotards Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels Creators like @/siennamaegomez and @/imnotbunny are two prime examples of what we should be emphasizing more of in today’s media. With videos like these, young women can be met with the reassurance that everybody is made special in their own ways. The first woman mentioned, Sienna Gomez, is currently rising in followers with each silly video she posts. Most of which involves her dancing confidently with her belly out in low-rise jeans. She usually takes the opportunity in these videos to share that she is proud of her curves and the fact that she doesn’t look like every other famous TikTok girl.

The second creator mentioned has not disclosed her name and is much more of an underground creator but has made an amazing mark in terms of honesty with her followers and uses creative analogies to help people see things from new perspectives. I think it's important that the empowerment she provides on TikTok gets the spotlight it deserves.

While there have always been positive influencers that stand for body positivity on outlets such as Instagram and Twitter, I think it is important for these messages to be spread on new platforms as social media evolves. On every app that we click, we should be able to receive the helpful reminder that all bodies are beautiful and that small-sized, mid-sized, and plus-sized women deserve to rock a cute bikini!