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Bloom Into Spring: The Only Playlist You Need This Season

I absolutely adore music and creating playlists so much that ever since my freshman year of high school I have made a playlist every season. As a music lover, I try to listen to a bit of every genre however, due to the laid-back feel of spring and the fact that most of us are unfortunately still in school, I decided to put together something more themed. Thus this year's spring playlist was born! For this spring I just felt like the vibe was renewal, I’m talking sunbathing, going out into nature, taking long sunny drives to nowhere, and just thriving while you reconnect to nature. However, I did include a few less subdued songs because while everyone needs to slow down and smell the tulips sometimes, you still need to be able to rock out! 

Chosen Family by Rina Sawayama with Elton John 

I am going to be completely honest, when I first saw this I was completely unprepared for this match-up, but at literally the first note I knew that it would become one of my comfort songs. Not only is it written to be absolutely breathtaking, I mean the name alone could tell you that, but with Elton and Rina’s voices that are so different, it makes the concept even stronger. I may just be listening to this Imagine, Hypotheticals, and Serotonin (which we will talk about in a second) on repeat for the rest of the year. No joke it is that good.


Bloom- Bonus Track by The Paper Kites

Found My Friends by Hayley Kiyoko


Imagine by Ben Platt [bf_image id="3w9xxxtcfh7xtkr85r49tbrx"]

I have so so much to say about this song, but first I would just like to say if you haven’t heard of Ben Platt yet or just know him as the nerdy magician from Pitch Perfect or the guy in the Politician, you are doing yourself a disservice. Not only is Ben incredibly adorable in his role as Evan, the titular role in Dear Evan Hansen (a hit broadway musical) but he can also captivate an audience with his own music. This song is no different from any of his others in the fact that it is absolutely incredible, although, unlike his other works, this is about Ben and his love interest being happily in love publicly. Not only are the words so sweet but Ben has the voice of an absolute angel and this song perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to be completely and utterly in love with someone who you know loves you too (I mean I’m guessing). Okay, I am gonna stop talking about this song because I could gush about it and Ben for literal hours, but I really hope you love it as much as I do.


No Ego by Citizen Queen

Girl Blunt by Leikeli47


Hypotheticals by Lake Street Drive

This song was an instant favorite not only for me after discovering it on Tik Tok but also for one of my best friends. I absolutely adore the build-up of the song and the singers' voice right off the bat but then you get into the groove of the song! Chef’s Kiss! It’s so hard to describe the feel of this song but it just feels incredible with its mix of soul and funk.


Not Another Song About Love by Hollywood Ending

t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l by WILLOW feat. Travis Barker 


Serotonin by girl in red 

For all those reading this and wondering do I listen to girl in red or do I listen to girl in red? The answer is yes, absolutely to both questions. Now this song comes from her new album entitled “if I could make it go quiet”. I've actually included the entire album, however, for me, "Serotonin" just hits different since I’ve honestly never heard anything like it. In the song, she talks about how she’s running low on serotonin you know? The happiness drug our brain is supposed to produce naturally. Although, despite her lack of serotonin, she brings me so much by simply putting my feelings into an amazing song. 

There are already 4 hours of music on this playlist and I am sure to add more as I come across new songs this spring. Hopefully, I was able to help you find a new favorite song or even a new favorite artist, and if you liked this article, be sure to check out some of my other playlist articles!

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