Best Sandals To Buy For Summer

With the weather finally giving us the vibes of summer, it is time to switch up our wardrobe once more to make room for all our favorite summer items. As the sun starts to peak out no one wants to be too warm and uncomfortable while they're enjoying the rays of vitamin D. Which is why sandals are an important part of anyone's wardrobe, they keep your feet cool and can add some style to your wardrobe. Down below is a list of sandals you should check out on your next shopping trip.



These sandals are super affordable as well as comfortable. As a classic flip flop with over 300 different styles, the Havaianas can work for anyone in the family. Which means you can pick up a pair for yourself and a pair any summer babies you might know! They'd make a great and practical gift (Havaianas are sold between $18 to $40).


These types of sandals you can get just about anywhere! They are a little dressier than your regular sandal and can complete the perfect beach look. They do come in a flat sole, but the platform versions really take the shoe to the next level. They are relatively affordable with most coming in at about $35 so if you're looking to add a little bit of character to your casual outfit, these are the shoes for you.


Teva sandals are a tried and true brand for me. I bought a pair when I went to Disney World a couple of summers ago and I still have them. They are a no fuss sandal that offers you a comfortable and cushioned sole. They are a little higher on the price scale ranging from $50 to high $80's but they are great quality and last long enough the higher price of the shoe basically pays itself off!


Finally, we have the infamous Birkenstocks. These have recently come into my sandal collection and I would have to say they are worth the hype. This sandal is the perfect on the go shoe choice, they are quick and easy while still being stylish. They come in a multitude of different styles to fit your needs and usually come in at about $100 depending on the style. They are the priciest sandal on the list but like Teva, they are known to have a long-lasting life.


Sandals just might be the most important part of anyone’s summer outfit which means you should always be on the lookout for the bests of the best. Hopefully, on your next shopping trip, you’ll pick up a pair of the sandals from the list above!