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Beautiful stones that come in an array of shapes, colors, sizes, properties are what we call crystals. As they have been getting more popular in the last years (because of TikTok naturally) you may be wanting to start a collection of your own. It can be overwhelming trying to learn everything so I have compiled a beginner’s guide to crystals.

What Crystals Do:

Crystals are thought to help with healing whether that be physical or mental. Crystals have natural energy to them that interacts with our own bodies’ energies. Crystals can help eliminate stress, open your creative mind and are even said to help with your love life. I however use mine for learning to love myself.

What Crystals I Recommend For Beginners:

Clear quartz- a very popular crystal used to promote healing either mentally or physically. It is said that this stone can be used however you need it to by setting intentions with it. 

Jade- used to set intentions in health, wisdom, peace, purity and fertility.

Citrine- has vibrations that help stimulate the creativity part in the brain, as well as motivate and increase self-esteem. 

Rose quartz- The ideal crystal for growing to love yourself as well as attracting others to you. It replaces the negative energy that surrounds you with properties of love, recovery, friendships, etc. Some people also used this crystal to help with fertility. 

Amethyst- one of my personal favorites as it has healing properties that help relieve stress and anxiety. It is also a great crystal when it comes to meditation as it helps your mind open up. 

Moonstone- helps for balancing emotions and improving focus by decluttering your negative thoughts.

Black obsidian- an amazing crystal to help with grounding. I personally use it when I am having a panic attack, it helps me begin to feel more at rest as I breathe through the panic. It also offers properties of hope and prevalence. 

Carnelian- great for when you want to be more creative, whether it be from a writer’s block or stuck on what to begin to paint. 

How To Use Your Crystals:

When I purchase a crystal I start with feeling it- typically rolling it in my palm. While I do this I like to set intentions with it. I then put them on my windowsill to soak up some sunlight and recharge. A full moon is also great to recharge your crystals, but that doesn’t happen often. I also personally like lighting some sage or incense around my new crystals to cleanse them. I put my crystals on my windowsill to recharge for a day about once every 3 weeks, however, if you’re feeling as if you need that extra boost of positive energy you can recharge your crystals more often. 

Use your crystals when you need some reassurance or support, or even when you aren’t feeling so good in general. You can hold them and meditate for a couple of minutes a day. Place some around you as you do some yoga. Put some in your pockets to carry throughout the day. You can even make them into jewelry or purchase crystal jewelry. I keep mine hanging out in my room on shelves (great decor) and grab what I need when I feel as though it will benefit me.

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