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Accessories That Will Accelerate Any Fall #OOTD

Now that summer has officially run its course, it’s finally time to break out our dark accessories, cozy layers and finally be who we truly are; Fall Queens. With all the bright reds and vibrant oranges coming back into season, fall is no time to be afraid of the dark. Black accessories are a staple pieces because they go with anything. I am giving you my favorite black accessories that are always chic but celebrated this spooky time of year!


Fiddler Hat

The Fiddler on the Roof hat seemed to be on every fashion blogger this summer and it has made it’s way into our fall wardrobes. I love this style because it makes a statement without causing a scene. Floppy hats are good an well until you’re blocking someone’s view in class or on the coffee shop. They also provide a vintage twist to any outfit!

Bold lips

Wearing black lips is a powerful thing because you’re basically underlining every word that comes out of your mouth with black ink. The beauty of black is it goes with everything and lipstick is no exception. Whether you are wearing high top vans with a pair of jeans or a stilletos and a little black dress, if you want to vamp it up, black lips are the move.

Black Sunnies

Nothing says “please bother someone else with your incompetence” like a pair of black frames with blacked out lenses. The beauty is; they’re perfect for any season and all you have to decide whether you want to channel John Lennon or Anna Wintour when choosing your style.  

Lace Bralettes

Showing your lacy undergarments has been all the rage since bralettes came on the scene in 2010. Black bralettes are not only super comfortable but you can wear them with anything. Put them under a cozy, off-the-shoulder sweater for a pretty lace detail or a sheer long sleeve crop to sass up your Saturday night!

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