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Alright ladies Hot Girl Summer is dead and to be honest I’m not sure how many of us really participated. Felt like I was seeing a lot of happy couples this summer. Anyways, now that fall is rushing towards us and more of us are back on campus ready to meet new people and potential new lovers, I wanted to make a playlist for all my romantics out there. My inspiration for this playlist has songs that sound like being in love during fall looks and to me being in love during fall has always looked cozy, safe, warm, and beautiful. However, as we all know relationships aren’t perfect. Sometimes they end and we get our hearts broken, so I also wanted to include some of that because heartbreak is part of love and we shouldn’t hide from that no matter how tempting it is. Hopefully for most of you readers though this is not the case. If it is know you aren’t alone and you are just being prepared for a better love that is all your own. And since love is unique to everyone I’m going to share a few of the songs I’ve added and just share what they mean to me.

A Concert Six Months From Now – FINNEAS
This song specifically is more significant to me and the fact that in November I will actually see Finneas perform this song live in concert. However, in addition to my attachment, the lyrics are still relatable as they basically tell the story of Finneas and his lover promising to reunite after letting themselves grow and explore which is sometimes what couples need and that’s a big part of love especially the young love that many of us are familiar with.

Four in the Morning – Cassidy King
Over the summer I found this song from the music video and instantly fell in love with the aesthetic. However, even just by listening to the song, you can feel the vibes of just new love but not the type that gets to frolic on beaches. Instead, it is the kind that has to take drives by the ocean because anyone going to the beach in that weather would have to be absolutely insane.

Halley’s Comet – Billie Eilish
Love is absolutely terrifying and realizing that you are falling is enough to scare any rational person. We all want to be loved and in love, but feeling like you’ve finally found your person is so intimidating because there is always the question of what if I’m not there’s. This song puts that all into words and just cradle you while you descend into your own love bubble.

We fell in love in October – girl in red
This one feels self-explanatory to me but I still just had to add it for all my fellow lesbian hopeless romantics.

Night Go Slow – Catey Shaw
This song feels like a typical old-school love not only because of Catey’s slow and calming voice but also because of the story it tells. Even the song name suggests Fall because as we get further into fall our days get shorter with the dark creeping up on us faster and faster.

These are just a few of the songs on the playlist that I will be adding to throughout the season so make sure to listen to the playlist here to find your new cuffing season soundtrack.

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