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A Moment of Appreciation for McKenna Grace

Since Ghostbusters: Afterlife came out Friday I feel it’s only right that we take a second to appreciate the star of the movie McKenna Grace.

Now McKenna Grace is an actress that many of us are familiar with from her work in other projects such as Gifted (2017), Captain Marvel (2019) and The Haunting of Hill House (2018). Grace has also played the younger equivalent to several of our favorite blonde-haired actresses in several films. However, my first introduction to her was in a Disney show that aired from 2012-2014 called Crash and Berstein which was also her on-screen debut, where she played the younger sister of the protagonist Bernstein at only 6 years old!

Since Crash and ended Grace has found herself scoring bigger roles and earned more critical acclaim. There have even been memes dedicated to her vast range which point out how if most people were auditioning for a role and she walked in they’d simply leave, which in all honesty is completely fair.

With a range like hers, it is almost impossible to think of a role that she could not pull off. However, Grace has really found her niche in 2 types of roles the first being the younger equivalent of several actresses most of them being blonde although she has done several brunette roles and still perfectly fit the bill.

The second niche role of hers is horror films with roles in films like Bad Seed and Annabelle Comes Home. Despite these being roles that we are more familiar with Grace in, she has also been in comedies, voice acted and even more recently became a musician at only 15-years-old! With her debut single Haunted House being played over the credits during Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Speaking of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, I highly recommend seeing it. With a star-studded cast featuring Finn Wolfhard, Paul Rudd and Carrie Coon along with a phenomenal cast, the story is also a perfect blend of classic ghostbusters action, humor and heartwarming family moments.

After seeing her in this role and hearing her music at just 15-years-old all I can say is how excited I am to see what she decides to do in the future.

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