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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

As we get deeper into the Off-Campus Series by Elle Kennedy it is important to remember where we are coming from. The beginning of this series starts with Hannah Wells who is a sexually reprived girl who is now tutoring the hockey captain in order to get the attention of the boy of her dreams. Meanwhile, the star hockey player, Garrett Graham, is scrambling to get his GPA up and will do anything to get Hannah to tutor him even if that means making another guy jealous. Though as the lines begin to fade and Garrett realizes he is the man for Hannah and now needs to prove to her that she knows he is correct and to give him a chance. Then as the series progresses we are introduced to John Logan, a junior on the hockey team who has no trouble when it comes to girls; and Grace Ivers a naive freshman who gave John one chance and he managed to make a huge mistake that he is determined to fix while Grace is determined to never speak to him again. Then we continue this crazy college love story in The Score by Elle Kennedy.

Now I am introducing you to Allie Hayes who is mourning a broken heart while also trying to figure out her post-college plan she has decided that one wild rebound night might be what she needs. Dean Di Laurentis a hockey playboy who has never had a problem with girls is now on a mission to see Allie again even though she has made it very clear that she just wants to be friends. 

This book thrives off of the boy falling for the girl first and him chasing her and having a book where the boy will do anything to get the girl even if that means doing an insane amount of work to prove to her that he actually wants her and not in a just a physical way. When reading a book that not only shows girls that guys will put in the work if they really want you but it also shows you that you can be by yourself and you shouldn’t depend on a man for anything. 

Henley is a freshman at Central Washington University and is trying to find her passion. As a freshman, she is still looking into what career path she is interested in. Some of her interests include going to the gym, watching movies, cooking/baking, and just hanging out with friends!