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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Welcome back to my Bachelor series. I will not be covering updates over the next two weeks, but I will do final predictions and final thoughts once the last episodes are out. 

So… Let’s talk about week 6!

Once again, Zach is becoming more and more unlikeable, and some of the girls are showing true colors as well, or perhaps just being affected by the high-stress environment.

Charity finally got her date with Zach, but Kat decided to steal him away moments before his date, talk to him about literally nothing, then go in for a kiss. Tacky… Zach walks back in wearing lipgloss, and the women are not happy. 

Brooklyn confronts Kat, using some choice words, and Kat doesn’t take it well. This leads to a lot of tension on the group date. Later at the cocktail party, Zach brings up awkward vibes, then immediately dismisses it. Again, weird.

The dates go relatively well until Jess begins losing it a bit. The connection isn’t there, and Zach has done nothing to foster it. Turns out I was wrong about the final three, as unfortunately Jess got sent home. Zach’s response wasn’t great, and once again we are seeing him react badly to very valid concerns and emotions. 

Aly gets sent home at the rose ceremony, unfortunately. Another great girl sent home when we could have seen Kat leave. 

Because Jess left, my new prediction is that Ariel will be in the final three. I think Brooklyn or Greer will be heading home next week, but I’m excited to see what the producers have planned for dates and I’m even more excited for hometowns!

Stay tuned!

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