9 Kardashian GIFs That Represent Every "L" You've Taken in College

Are you the type of college student who already has their life put together at the age of 20? If you answered no, you will find this article 100% relatable. Instead of highlighting moments of success, we’ll highlight 9 of those wonderful “L’s” you take daily in the extraordinary world of college

1. Can’t beat that feeling you get when you think you nailed a test but actually completely failed it. 


2. When you skip class the one day of the quarter the professor takes attendance. 


3. When you’re in class and pull out your laptop and realize you didn’t charge it the night before. 


4. Withdrawing from a class. We’ll just leave that right there.


5. Walking all the way to class, then checking your email and seeing the class is cancelled or moved across campus to another building 


6. The lovely thing we refer to as “Waking up the Morning After”, wonderful isn’t it? 


7. And we can’t forget the other half of blacking out the night of. 


8. When you just want to snooze that alarm a few more times so you miss your morning coffee run.


9. But you still manage to take a bigger “L” because you got the coffee, but you’re late to class and locked out.



College is full of amazing and favorable moments, but it can also be full of regrets and major "L's", but dont worry we'll all struggle through them together.



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