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8 Edgy TV Boys We Can’t Get Enough Of

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

1.Coach Taylor: Friday Night Lights

For those that don’t know coach Eric Taylor, it’s time to dedicate a weekend to Friday Night Lights and get to know him. Dear Coach, thank you for giving us hope that men who are inspiring, witty, and compassionate still exist. Also, can we all just agree that there is something pretty dang sexy about high school football coach? Its like dating the head of the football team again wiht out the Pom Poms and with the college degree. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose when it comes to Coach Tay. 

2. McSteamy Aka Dr. Mark Sloan: Grey’s Anatomy

Sloan is the perfect candidate for a TV husband and let me tell you why. First of all, he looks like a God, but it’s not all about the looks, Sloan also has friends that are girls, which means he is well versed in the advice giving, and nurturing department this is an absolute blessing in a relationship. The last thing we will mention about Sloan is that he is also a god in bed, and well, that doesn’t suck either!  Sloan is the kind of guy that needs a real down to earth girl and will cherish her until the very end (literally). Yeah, sure he’s been around the block a time or two but when it comes to finding real love he can see past the fake in people, he is a plastic surgeon after all. 

3.Uncle Jesse: Full House

HAVE MERCY… Uncle Jesse was everyone’s first crush. And lets be real.. we’ll never get over him. We were all hyped about Fuller house and were not going to deny it for one minute. He is the perfect balance of a loving father and a rock and roll bad boy. He will hold you when you cry, but could also rock out on stage on any given night… You know you couldn’t resist him rolling up on his motorcycle to take you out…stoppppp. Uncle Jesse forever. 

4.Chuck Bass: Gossip Girl

Charles Bartholomew Bass… he’s rich, he’s powerful and above all he’s gorgeous. He is that guy that you want to prove is good deep down, but only for you. We are obsessed with his dark side. He’s the ULTIMATE bad boy, but when he really cares about a girl (See: Blair Waldorf). He will vote 150 times to make sure she wins prom queen, and would wait at the top of the empire state building for you with pink peonies. So presh! A lifetime with Chuck Bass would never get boring, and you would no doubt become a power couple. So what we are saying is yes, Chuck Bass. We would love to take a ride in the back of your stretch limo…. Xoxo 

5.Mr. Big: Sex and the City

Mr. Big is the Godfather of TV husbands. He is sophisticated, yet unattainable and we can’t get enough. He has that playboy charm that makes us think we could never lock him down, but keeps us trying to anyways. Probably the sole reason of why so many of us always want what the guys we can’ have. With his effortless romantic side, life with Big is basically any woman’s #Goals. Its all big closets and love emails… Mr. big… you leave us breathless.  What we wouldn’t give for you to look us in the eye and call us “kid”. Just once.  

6.Noah: The Notebook

Any guy that looks this bomb while building you the house of your dreams is a hand delivered gift from above. Especially after not seeing you for years. Nowadays if you take to long to reply to a fuckboy they’ve moved on to the next girl by noon. And if Noah wasn’t perfect enough lets also acknowledge the fact that he will take you on a boat rides, and then kiss your face off in the poring rain… If this doesn’t convince you that he’s perfect idk what will.

7.Coach: New Girl 

Coach is a triple threat; he’s funny, obviously blessed in the looks department, and he can also be your own personal trainer (i.e. Nick). Coach is the guy that every other guy wants to be and no one can resist that. Coach gets our vote for the very reason that he is goofy, but continues to maintain his swag. Any guy that can pull off being a complete dork, and still make us weak in the knees is one we have to keep around.

8.Nathan Scott: One Tree Hill

Nathan was the biggest jerk on one tree hill when we first met him, sure to take after his god-awful father. After meeting the love of his life, he captured all of our hearts and had us rooting for him until the very end. He has proven time and time again that he will go to any length to protect his family. From the pro-basketball career to being the cutest father and husband ever. He’s doing it right.  We see you Nathan Scott. 

President at Her Campus CWU Senior, Public Relations Major at Central Washington University!