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7 Reasons Why It’s Good to be a Fifth Year Student

Five, the amount of times you’ve signed up for fall quarter, the amount of years you’ve spent devoting your life to late nights studying, and countless morning coffee runs. Ideally, it takes a college student four years to finish their degree and then there are the fifth years. So all of your friends graduated and your feeling left out. Most people are bummed when they find out they aren’t going to make that four year cut off, but don’t be discouraged! I’m here to tell you seven reasons why you can be excited for your fifth year.

1. You Aren’t Nervous for The First Day Anymore

The best part about the first day this year is that Starbucks started selling pumpkin spice lattes in early September, and now you can treat yourself to one on the first day of school. Aside from that, you will have nothing new to see on the first day. It will be like, just another day!

2. You Don’t Spend a Ton of Money On New School Clothes

You and your classmates know each other by now. No need to spend money on new style when you’re already spending thousands on tuition. Just throw your hair in that messy bun and put on some lip gloss. Work it.

3. You know every inch of the campus and where to get the best coffee

From needing to know where the printer is, to getting the best lattes on campus, you have it down to an art by your fifth year. You walk around campus like you own it, because you basically do. YAS!

4. You Understand That Grades Are Important

Your first couple years in college were about impressing boys, and drinking your body weight in wine. Over the course of the past four years you realized that boys and wine are fun, but success comes second to none. This will help you succeed as you prepare to graduate!

5. Your Professors Have Become Your Homies

By this point you know which professors you would totally want to add on Facebook after graduation, and who you would not.

6. You Have Weeded Out Who Your Friends Are and You’re Okay with Having Just a Couple of Good Ones

When college begins, you have somewhere around nine million friends, but by the fifth year, you have realized that most of them weren’t worth your time. But, the ones that were worth it is going to be your besties for life. Yay!

7. Ultimately You Have Learned a Lot and You Know What You Want in Life

Being a fifth year is okay. Don’t feel ashamed or discouraged. You know more, you’ve learned so much, and you have grown with every struggle. Be proud that you are still here and that you chose to finish what you started. You go girl!

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