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I love a cozy morning with a hot coffee in one hand, and a book I can’t put down in the other, curled up on the couch in sweats. I am a romance novel girl at heart, so of course I have a never-ending list on my TBR (to be read), but I think it’s time to use the season of pumpkin spice for a new beginning as well. I am trying to broaden my horizons and escape the world of romance to something bigger this fall—horror, mystery, I’m talking mind f*ck thrillers that I cannot put down or else I won’t sleep at night. 

So, without further ado—here is my—our Fall TBR list!

The Housemaid

By Freida McFadden

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

This 336-page novel is about Millie, a girl who is looking for a fresh start, and comes across a too-good-to-be-true job opportunity as a live-in housekeeper for the Winchesters’. Before Millie has a chance to escape the lies and torment, her attic bedroom door only locks from the outside, and she has no way out. 


By Colleen Hoover

Genre: Romance, Thriller

Lowen Ashleigh lands a job opportunity as a ghostwriter for the bestselling author, Verity Grawford. As Lowen reviews Verity’s notes before the tragic accident that left her unable to move or speak, she finds an autobiography manuscript that reveals the mind of the chilling and disturbing author, and secrets she never meant for anyone to read. Lowen is torn between truth and fiction as her feelings toward Verity’s husband, Jeremy grow. 

The Ex Hex

By Erin Sterling

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Vivienne Jones is brokenhearted by her ex-boyfriend Rhys Penhallow, so she does what any other witch would do—curse him! Nine years later, he shows back up in town, and perhaps there is still a spark between the two of them. Vivi and Rhys discover their chemistry as they save the town from the curse Vivi placed.


By Stephen King

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Finders Keepers detective, Holly is working on the case of Bonnie Dahl, the daughter of Penny and Pete Dahl. During her investigation, Holly finds the picture-perfect family just a few blocks away is hiding a haunting secret in their basement that could be tied to Bonnie’s disappearance. This novel allows the readers to follow Holly on her journey to unravel the twisted minds of this twisted family.


By Mary Shelley

Genre: Classics, Gothic, Science Fiction

This OG thriller follows the story of Victor Frankenstein, a mad scientist who creates a revived, botched being from the graveyard. When Frankenstein and the rest of society reject this creation, this monster uses his second chance at life to go after Frankenstein and his loved ones.  

Meet Me on Love Lane

By Nina Bocci

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Charlotte Bishop is looking to get her footing back in her hometown, Hope Lake Pennsylvania after losing her job in New York City. What was supposed to be a short stay to get enough money to move back to The Big Apple, turns into connecting with old friends, her dear grandmother, and falling for not only the charming high-school English teacher but also the town doctor.


By Mona Awad

Genre: Horror, Gothic, Thriller

When Belle’s beauty-obsessed mother mysteriously dies, Belle finds herself being lured to answers at the cult-like spa her mother was once devoted to. There, she discovers disturbing secrets that her mother once shared with the mirror and uncovers the demons that are watching on the other side of the glass.

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