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5 Scenes You HAVE to Watch From Netflix’s Documentary Series: Tiger King

After spending a couple of weeks in quarantine, everyone and their mother have been either playing the latest video games, cooking new recipes and of course, binging the latest Netflix series. On March 20th, Tiger King the crime docu-series on Netflix dropped on its streaming site and the internet has literally gone crazy over the series. For those who haven’t seen Tiger King, this crime documentary series explores the exotic big cat industry and the unexpected world that’s behind the cage. Here are 5 must-watch scenes from Tiger King.

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1- Meeting Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic is one of the main characters in the documentary series; his attitude towards life and his business brings humor and enjoyment into people’s eyes. This scene when he is talking about himself around his tigers is just iconic because he doesn’t think twice when talking about himself and his business. 

2- Meeting Carole Baskin

Carole Baskin in the series owns a Big Cat rescue park in the state of Florida. Carole’s story is quite interesting. She comes off as this hippie goddess that saves exotic animals and doesn’t seem to see herself associated with Joe Exotic or “Doc” another charter in the series. 

3- Caroles Husband “Disappears”

In this scene of the crime series, Netflix digs a little deeper into Carole’s husband’s disappearing since she seems so casual about the whole thing. The story of Don Lewis’s disappearance doesn’t make sense. It’s extremely vague and it seems very “pushed under the rug” when Carole is being interviewed about the situation. 

4- “Here Kitty, Kitty” Music Video

Joe Exotic is not only the owner of an exotic big cat zoo but he sings as well. Joe has come out with multiple singles and music videos to entertain the public. Joe Exotic is a firm believer that Carole Baskin murdered her husband Don Lewis and fed his corpse to her tigers. His music video “Here Kitty, Kitty” is Joe’s beliefs on the Carole Baskins murder case and the music video is one that you have to watch. 

5- Hiring the Hitman Scandal 

Many people have their own opinions on this scene. Some think that Joe was set up into hiring a hitman to murder his enemy Carole Baskin but others see Joe as a felon for no doubt hiring someone to “take out” Carole Baskin for $3,000. You can choose your side but at the end of this crime documentary series, it was sad to see how the scandal went down. 


If you haven’t already Tiger King is an awesome crime documentary to watch during the quarantine. If you’re into crime series this is something to watch and keep busy! I hope you all are staying safe and keep washing your hands!

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