4 Games That Everyone Should Play

Now that everyone has been stuck inside for over a month, you’re probably running out of things to do. Lucky for you, I have the perfect solution; Games! Those dumb little games that haven’t been pulled out of the closet since you were a kid are finally coming into handy. And with a few more weeks of quarantine ahead of us, you may want to sit down and play a game.

stack of jigsaw puzzle pieces Hans-Peter Gauster/Unsplash


Rummikub is a game I recently started playing, and it definitely dusts off the cobwebs on your brain. This game uses numbers and colors to ultimately create a challenging and fun brain teaser!


If you didn’t play Kerplunk as a kid, did you even have a childhood? This game combines tiny little sticks and marbles that creates fun for just about anyone!


A schooltime classic, Battleship is the original strategy game. And if your friend has their own battleship, you can play the game over Zoom!

Cards Against Humanity

Another classic, this raunchy card game makes for a good time, and can even be made into a drinking game if you’re feeling frisky. 

Whether you’re hanging out with family or Facetiming a friend, these games can help you battle those quarantine blues that everyone is feeling right now.

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