3 Ways to Pump Up Your Resume

Spring quarter is finally upon us, but if spring is anything like Winter was; it's going to go by fast. Which means summer jobs and internships applications need to be filled out... like now. 

Whether you are applying for your dream job or just something to pay for your summer 2018 iced coffees, your resume is essential and could ultimately be the deal breaker of whether you get an interview let alone a job offer, so it needs to be prime!

We here resume don'ts' all the time like; don't have miss spelled words, don't make it more than one page, etc. What a lot of people run into is that there resume doesn't even fill up the page. If your experience is a little sparce, we have a few solutions and tricks to get your resume ready by June!


Volunteering is always a huge plus to employers. For more employers, people who take the time to contribute to something greater than them is a huge plus and could easily give you the upper hand to those who don't! Volunteering doesn't always have to be litter pick up and soup kitchens (although those are great ways to give back) but there are ways to volunteer for your career!

If you are studying to be a teacher, volunteer at school dances or sporting events. If you are interested in business, volunteering at company functions and conferences are a great way to network with people in your field and potentially get hired!

Leadership Experience

Employers are always looking for leaders so anyone with experience with delegating and effectively executing group tasks. If you have ever been a group leader for a major project, team captain of a sports team or a club leader, put that on your resume! No matter what job you are applying for, leadership is always a plus. 

Join a Club

Being a member of a club shows that your interested in something, even if it's unrelated to your career path. People that are passionate about things are much more interesting than people in general. Not only does it provide ways to get engaged in your community but it shows that you work well with others!

Job searches are stressful enough so make sure your resume has what it needs to get your foot in the bar and (hopefully) the rest will speak for itself!