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3 Ways to Minimize ‘Maskne’ This Fall

As important as it is to wear a mask to protect yourself and those around you from Covid-19, the breakouts many are experiencing are awful. Whether you’re wearing your mask all day at work, to the gym, or even just wearing one to your local grocery store, acne seems to become a common problem. Here are some essential tips to minimize ‘maskne’ this fall. 

Wash Your Mask Frequently

We must be actively washing our face masks or switching between different options each day. While wearing a mask, moisture and bacteria can accumulate regardless of how long you have been wearing it. Leaving your mask in your car or other places after wearing can also pick up other bacteria that you do not want on your face the entire day. Think about the skincare products you use and the moisturizers, makeup, and sunscreens that can be left on your mask even while using for a small amount of time. Wash your mask after each use using warm water and a gentle detergent. 

Go for a Breathable Mask That Still Protects You and Others

[bf_image id="qdfeg5-3mzrqw-152bup"] There are a lot of cute masks I have seen circling the internet lately. Masks are now a part of our day to day attire, and I get the urge to correlate the colors or design on your mask with your outfit. However, try to pick materials that are gentle and don’t cause harm to your skin. Try to find a cotton or silk mask as it allows your skin to breathe better and is not as harsh as other materials. Other types of material can also irritate the skin, so think about your skin and sensitive fabrics.  

Think about your Skincare and Makeup Routines

[bf_image id="qethf2-bqdbz4-gb7vei"] Obviously, traces of our skincare products and makeup are left on our masks after use. Attempt to apply your skincare routine at least 30 minutes before wearing your mask for it to set into your skin. Using a simple skincare routine during this time may be beneficial, so it doesn’t transfer all of your products onto the mask resulting in more bacteria. Especially in your more intense products, it is good to simplify your routine, so the mask doesn’t intensify harsh products into your skin. Wearing less makeup during this time may also be some of the best advice in minimizing acne. Try to tone down the amount of makeup you wear or honestly, just the area around your mouth. Moisturize and hydrate your face; hydrating your face will help minimize acne and dryness caused by the skin becoming irritated. Switch to a light moisturizer before putting on your mask that doesn’t clog your pores. 

Invest in a cute mask that is also suited for your skin! We spend so much money on our skincare and makeup routines. Buying a mask that irritates your skin, not washing it after each use, and overdoing your makeup routine can cause acne in places many are not used to. Keep this small advice in mind, wear a mask, and be safe!  

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