2021: Taylor Swift's Version

If you know me personally, you know that I am a Swiftie first and a human being second. Because of this, one can only assume that I’m only a little excited about Taylor Swift’s plans for this coming year. Okay, you got me, I’m thrilled about it. 

Coming out of her double-whammy album year of 2020, in which she dropped two surprise albums within the span of 5 months, the musical genius has even more in store for us. By the time you read this, the re-recording of her hit single ‘Love Story’ will be out and the Fearless album will be released again, with 6 bonus tracks from her vault, shortly after this. To make things even more exciting, Swift is rumored to re-release her entire discography (pre-Lover era) by the end of the year. 

A casual lister of Taylor Swift might be wondering why this is so important or why they should care and the answer is it will always be about more than the music for this talented artist. From the start of her career and her debut album to her Reputation era, Taylor did not own the rights to her own music. Back in 2017, her former recording company Big Machine Records and its CEO Scott Borchetta, her formerly trusted mentors, denied her the fair legalities which could result in the owning of her masters. Along with this, famous music manager Scooter Braun bought out Big Machine in its entirety and sold Taylor's masters for $300 million, making this unfortunate deal stagnant. To learn more about this circumstance, this article is an unbiased piece that does not portray Taylor in the bad light that most outlets are known to do. For more reference, her recently released tracks ‘My Tears Ricochet’ and ‘Happiness’ include lyrics that explain Swift’s feelings on the matter.

Taylor Swift | Instagram It is heartbreaking that this brilliant woman suffered this fight for her music, against two men who took advantage of her genius all for the pursuit of money. The good thing is that Swift always knew her worth and the worth of her beautiful music, and now she can finally release her discography on her own terms in her own name. That is the purpose of all of this. She wants all of her fans, especially the up-and-coming artist fans, to know how important it is to own your masters from the get-go. Due to her unstoppable determination, Taylor Swift will be able to look back on her career and know that while it might not have gone her way at first, she did everything she wanted. Hopefully this time next year, we will be able to listen to her catalog of music and this time it will be Taylor’s Version